3 Wishes:  Jinnis (Genies) in Bottles
Proto-type Jinni.
Brandy Stark.

Jinni in a Wine Bottle.  Brandy Stark.  One of my "spirited" jinnis!  (I don't drink so I have to wait for these bottles to be given to me!)
Jinni in a Perfume Bottle.  Brandy Stark.  I also get perfume bottles donated to me.  Sometimes, I find used antique perfume bottles through yard sales.  I always like to use the sprayer of the bottle -- here it makes a cute cap!
Spring Jinni:  This Jinni is in a blue water bottle, holding a boquet of white spring flowers. 
Jinn are the mystical creatures of the sands.  Their elemental powers allow for majiks and wishes.  These jinn take on a more modern sense:  the bottles are from our era; they are emblems of our age.
Perfume bottle jinn.
Spirited Jinni.
On occassion, works that are sent out to art shows are damaged.  Queenie, left, was one.  Fortunantly, the damage was not extensive and with a few adjustments I could rework the peice into something entirely new -- "The Key" at right.