Chandel-EARS (Jewelry and more)
These earrings are made from found objects, particularly a box of chandelier parts that was given to me, hence the name.  At least one of the cyrstals inside the box contains a sticker listing it as a genuine Bavarian product, though I am not certain on the age of the pieces.  Earrings are $5 - $10 depending on size and items used.  For clarity, I am simply numbering each Chandel-EAR according to the order it was completed.  For more information, please contact me.
1) 1 High Heeled Shoe Charm
2) Long Pearl
3) Sm. Pearl
4) Blue Flip Flop Charm
5) Dangling crystals
6) Celtic crystals
6) Sm. crystals
7) Sm. crystals
Gold and silver hooks
8) Gone to a good home!
9) Sm. crystal and glass beads 1
10) Md. crystal and glass beads 1
11) Gone to a good home!
12) frosted pink and clear pink, small crystal.
13) Med crystal, purple and teal glass, clear glass.
14) Crystal and glass 2
15) Single teal and glass beads with crystal.