Horsing Around -- Horse-Based Beings
For their grace and beauty, power and pride, horses are a popular item with many.  I have created horses, from coffee table size to the size of a small pony. I have utilized horses in "hybrid" creatures, such as the centaur and the pegasus pictured below. 
"Centaur with Beads".
By Brandy Stark.
"Pegasus" by Brandy Stark.
Horse Testimonial
Agape (small) -- Not Pictured
Dear Brandy,

I don't think I've had a chance to personally tell you how lovely AGAPE is.  He's the horse my
mother, Liz Schuck (Letta Ramsay's older sister), commissioned you to do and he was a very special gift to me. You did a WONDERFUL job and I love and cherish him dearly.

Best Wishes,
Ann Harris

This fine gentleman is Don Quixhote on his horse.  He was a custom order. 
"Mini Don Quixhote on Horse", Brandy Stark.  Mixed Media.  10/2002.
Don Quixhote and Steed.  Another of my favorite works, this one now resides in New York.