Since times most ancient winged beings have served as intermediaries between the world of the gods and that of mortals.  

Angels fly with delicate grace and quiet dignity.  They own a certain serenity and sobriety unlike any other supernatural creature. 

Faeries are a delight to make.  Each hosts its own personality and grace as she (or he) dances through the ether of reality.

Winged Beings:  Faeries and Angels
Beaded Faerie. 
New Year's Faerie
Ribbon, Aluminum and bronze
Royalty Theater Angel (Top)
White Angel (Middle)
Artsy Angel (Bottom).
Mother and Daughter Angels.
Cloth, found objects, metal.
Irridescent Fairy
Polymer Clay and Metal
Queen of Heaven:  11/04
Angel Wings:  Found objects and metal.  I painted the wings with nail polish.  (Yes, I do wear those colors).
Here are two of your "garden variety" faeries.  One is enjoying the flowers (above) the other is a gardener, herself.