Gainesville, Florida
Oct. 16 - 17
October 16, 2008
Gainesville, Florida
By: Brandy Stark

Pre-note: I was attending a conference at which one of my research papers had been accepted for presentation.  I had not been to Gainesville, the conference location, for a number of years.  I did some research on “Gainesville” and “ghosts” and came up with the following websites:

Of these locations, I was able to attend three.  The first was the haunted Crispers, as listed on “Haunted”:

The current building was a former record studio and before that housed Goodwill.  Rumor has it that someone died in the building when it was Goodwill.  Employees have reported hearing a female calling out to them after closing and all doors are locked.  Shadows have been seen on the walls.  Knocking has been heard at the rear loading dock doorway early in the morning only to have no one at the door.

I opted to have dinner at the restaurant.  I arrived around 8 p.m. and left at 9: 15.  Here is the real-time report of my experience there (I had my laptop and sent an email over dinner): 

Here I am in one of the haunted locations in Gainesville.  I came in and two of the employees, college students, didn't know that it was haunted.  So, I showed them the page that I printed up from the Internet with the Crispers story.  The story, in summary, is that this building used to house a record studio, and before that a Goodwill.  Rumor has it that someone died in the building when it was a Goodwill.  Some employees have reported hearing a female voice call to them and some have seen a shadow figure on the walls.  Some knocking has been heard at the rear loading dock doorway early in the morning and when employees check the area, they find no one at the door.

They young men got their manager and we talked for about 15 minutes.  I, again, presented the story – which she found a bit unsettling because just prior to my arrival she had just finished telling  another employee about an experience that she had here a week or two ago.  She said that she was locking up to leave when she could have sworn that she passed someone (a shadowy figure, from what I gathered).  She came back in and checked again and there was no one here. 

The EMF meter (Trifield) that I placed on the table has been bouncing some but it's hard to say that there isn't a natural cause.  I hear microwaves going off, my computer is here, but much of the time the meter is pretty stead.  I have tried to ask the entity – physically, mentally, and via typed question with the Puck -- to move the needle.  Response is sporadic.

I did a quiet (non-vocal) Paranormal Puck session.  Using Jeanne’s earphones, I would ask questions, this time NOT repeating them aloud as I typed them, and the response was not filtered through external speakers but into the headphones.  Here it the actual session.  I find it interesting that there SEEMS to be a love story here.  I also loved that the first time I was getting ready to go I got the response "jerk" -- but then that showed up 4 other times tonight.  Still, the timing was quite funny.  See what you think of this.  I am “User” and the entity is the line after me (no title).  Any time “User” appears with no words in between means that there was no response.  EMF on the Puck did fluctuation slightly from .8 mG to 1.2 mG.

User: Is there anyone there?
else alter
User: are you the woman that they say haunts this building?
User: Are you testing my equipment?
User: Do you understand how this works?
User: Yes, I will write questions here and you can manipulate the EMF to select words to answer me.
User: Do you understand?
seek happy
User: Do you seek to be happy?
anything ass yours
User: Really?  I have to say that this is the first time that I have been so addressed.
User: Were you here as a singer?
User: Did you associate with this when it was a Goodwill?
position Robert else
User: You were here when it was a Goodwill?
User: Did you die in this building when it was still a Goodwill?
User: Were you murdered here?
User: Did you die of natural causes?
User: How did you die?
cents dr.
User: I don't understand the answer.
User: Do you still manifest here?
User: Did the manager see you?
User: She thought that you were a bird?
sand world
User: Did you show up as a shadow figure for her?
User: Did you try to scare her?
User: Did she scare you>
User: Is there a message that you want to pass on to the living?
User: Are you happy?
User: Are you sad?
User: Why do you stay here?
built week
User: Are you too weak to leave?
Larry else
User: OK.  So, are you trapped here?
User: Where are you from?
hurt drift
User: Were you a drifter?
User: were you homeless?
decided hidden
User: Did you work here?
along sound
User: The waitress is banging bowls.  Do you not like the sound?
User: Were you attracted here by the sound?
User: Were you here when this was a sound studio?
sand video
User: Did you try to create a video here?
User: Did you have a musical career?
User: Is that why you are still here?  Is it because you never got that career?
User: Is that how you died?  Did you die in a fall in the building?
coast jerk east
User: Is that a "yes"?
User: Can you make the EMF needle spike on the trifield meter next to my computer?
User: No response?
pounds zero
User: Well, yeah, no response (zero response).
Sandra relax built
User: Who is Sandra?
erase Robert
User: who is Robert?
User: Did he push you?
decided jerk
User: Did you decide to break up with him?
User: Did he decide to break up with you?
faith along
User: So, did he upset you?
User: Did he distract you?
kansas east
User: Did he push you?
User: Did you commit suicide?
User: Did you go to investigate a sound when you fell?
User: So, you wanted to break up with the boyfriend.
User: OK.  I understand.  Breaking up is never easy.
repeated would toward
User: Did you keep getting back together with him?
User: Is there anything else that you want to add to this conversation?  I have to leave shortly.
User: I hope that you feel better.  I hope that you find the happiness that you seek.
face Sandra
User: Who is Sandra?
User: Are you Sandra?
User: Am I Sandra?
User: Who is Sandra
drift jerk
User: Did your boyfriend cheat with Sandra?
User: Behind the building?
comfort express
User: Did you find them here?
kansas zero
User: Did you hear them and go out to find them here?
User: Did they distract you, and that is why you fell and died?
User: Am I wrong on this?
User: Their affair went on for months?
User: erase what?
empath built
User: I don't understand.
Larry jerk
User: You know  a lot of jerks!
User: Wow, I'm starting to feel very tired.  Is that you doing this?
behind Sandra
User: OK.  I need to wrap it up and get going.
User: Represent who?
fall faith
User: Your faith has fallen/
cents zero
User: It makes no sense?
User: Are you frustrated?
User: I wanted to thank you for talking to me.  I'm feeling a bit dizzy.  I see that the needle is spiking on my meter, but I'm not sure if you are doing that.
kansas hidden
User: OK.
problem soak
User: Well, I am going to go ahead and wrap this up.
User: Oh, so now I am a jerk?
hurt east
User: I'm sorry that you feel that way.
User: No one here knows about you, do they?
built .
User: This was built later.  College students come and gol
User: Yeah, I understand.
comfort relax
User: I wish that I could.  I have a lot to do.
User: But, please, I hope that you find your rest.
User: Be well. 
User: Goodnight.

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Gainesville

Again, I took this entry from the Haunted Florida site:

This cemetery is really odd.  Much of the grounds are kept up very well, while the very back of the cemetery looks like a Vietnamese jungle.  There are some graves in the very back that are so overgrown it is really a shame.  If you visit this place, you will actually feel as if you are in 2 different cemeteries.  However, you can usually have some luck getting orbs here, especially around those back graves that I mentioned.

So, I went in with my computer, Paranormal Puck, Trifield EMF meter, EVP equipment and digital camera.  I did get some response at first when I walked in to "Is anyone with me?  Does anyone want to communicate with me" via the EMF meter.  It did spike on those questions.  I would turn a direction and ask if I could find them by "moving this way" and the meter spiked when I turned to my left.  There were some above ground tombs which I went to.  I asked "Are you here?" and the needle spiked.  "Do you want to communicate with me?"  Spike.  I got my digital camera out and set it to video mode.  I recorded a small segment of time with a Q&A with the meter.  With the camera on the meter flat lined at first.  Then I did start to get some response to some questions (see video).  Finally, I attempted a Paranormal Puck session.  The entity was totally unresponsive.  The only typing entered (above -- since I had no Internet and my word programs didn't take when I initially entered them, I opted to photograph the screen) was mine -- and it answered none of my questions.

The remainder of the walk through I had NO activity AT ALL on the meter.  I had no response what so ever.  It was flatlined the entire time.  I did see one interesting tomb in which the entire thing was painted pink and covered with silver glitter.  (I wanted to break out into song -- "I gotta be me!  I just gotta be me!") but I did refrain from doing so).  The cemetery was, indeed, very dualistic.  I found the overgrown graves and they were not old, as I had thought that they would be.  Many in that section were from the 2000 time period.  I am not sure why they are over grown as they are.  Most interesting.

Haunted Walmart, Gainesville

Again, I took this entry from the Haunted Florida site:

A woman has been seen and felt by those of developed psychic sense. She is harmless and from observations made she was employed here up until three days before her passing. Roughly a month after, employees have seen and felt her presence, in particular, Infants and Girls wear. In other parts of the store, Jewelry, Crafts and Domestics, conversations and cold spots have been experienced when no one is around. Best times have been between the hours of 3:00 AM - 7:00 AM.

Well, this time I had to check my equipment at the customer service desk.  So, I walked through using myself as an instrument and carrying the story with me.  I found no cold spots, heard no voices.  Only one thing rang true on an experiential level:  as I entered the crafts section I felt incredibly dizzy in one spot (which I do sometimes get when I am in a haunted area). 

As I prepared to leave, I found a stash of Hallowe'en items.  I bought a small Hallowe'en throw for the SPIRITS party as a door prize (a ghost throw from a haunted Walmart) and a cute tshirt with ghosts that light up when I move.  I went to customer service to check out and to get my bag.  In order to see if I could learn more I attempted to engage the cashier in conversation.  It went EXACTLY like this:

Me: Did you know that this store is supposed to be haunted?
Her:  [Uninterested] Really?
Me:  Yes, really.

That was it.  So, other than the fact that this store shows up on a couple of sites, and I had the one dizzy spot, I have nothing else to go on for this one.