Welcome to Brandy's Ghostly Images home page.  I have been fascinated with the paranormal since I was a child.  I used to scare myself silly reading book after book on ghosts, ESP, and paranormal events and entities,  but I couldn't help myself -- either then or now.  
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Featuring inexpensive ghost hunting equipment and more.  

An aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive site of stories, pictures, polls, and articles (including one on ghost hunting tips by yours truly!) Internet Explorer, only.

A site containing links to multiple ghost-oriented websites.  This site also contains a lot of other ghostly information. http://dementia_glauca.tripod.com/pagan.html

This is a large web site stuffed full of interesting tales of supernatural happenings.

Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page is a MUST for ghost lovers.  A staple to the paranormal across the world, this site contains reader submissions and hosts an e-mail group for other like-minded ghost enthusiasts. 


Psychic, readings, predictions, and more:

PARANORMAL PUGS PAGE:  This site features pug-oriented ghost stories and ghost stories featuring pugs, my own theories on pug psi-sensitivity, and more.

Poll 1: Are You a SLIder?Yes, and I'm an artist
No, and I'm an artist
Yes, and I'm not artistic
No, and I'm not artistic
Undecided, but I agree with your theory
Undecided and I DON'T agree with your theory
I have my own theory
SLIder Pheonomena:
Have you ever driven down a street and had the streetlights go out as you go by or near them?  One after the other? 

I have. 

Is it just the sensor, or is there something more?

This is one new aspect of research that parapsychologists are begining to study.  Commonly known as the SLIder effect, theorists believe that certain individuals subconsciously create a form of bio-energy, or electromagnetic energy.  This energy interferes with the functioning of electronic devices, from street lamps to wrist watches, computers to television sets. 

The range of SLIder-ism varies.  Some, such as myself, notice an increase in activity in group situations or during stressful periods.  Others report consistent activity.  

Lately, I have seen an increase in my abilities.  This comes after a year of working in an art studio and writing about the arts as a freelance reporter.  Often, my "abilities" seem to peak around the time I have completed many projects.  

I have noticed that several others who have reported SLIder phenomena around them are also in creative fields, or are creative individuals.    So, of course, I have a theory:

I am wondering if artists, and other creative individuals, would be more likely to be SLIders.  If, in creating, we expend a positive energy to make our creations, could it be that to balance out, a form of negative "interference" energy is created?  In effect, it's the Yin and Yang, a balancing of creative and destructive forces.

What do you think?

This site is also recommended by the newsletter editor.  It has some great video images of ghosts!
A new site encompassing the Southeast region:
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Me, Odyssey and ??

Through my graduate years I was able to write about the changing role of ghosts in ancient religions.  I 
continue my study on this topic through essays and articles written for the paranormal e-zine Psychic-Tymes.com.  
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I am a co-founder of the paranormal investigation team, the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg (see links below).
We investigate potentially haunted locations using a variety of methods including scientific equipment and historic research.  We have had some very exciting adventures and my interest in the paranormal has both grown keener, and more refined.  (See the SPIRITS site for more details).
Older Theories and Research:
Here is a great new site: http://takeoff.to/stormz 
While you are here, scroll down to read about SLIder phenomena, and take a poll.  I have added quite a few links from a number of wonderful paranormal sites.  Contact me if you want to add your link to my site. My banner:

So, introduction aside, come into my Otherworldly home! 
My non-team, unofficial or  independent/alone investigations:
The Unexplained World http://theunexplainedworld.com
(Below)  At the SPIRITS Holiday gathering (Dec. 13, 2003) we had one consistent photograph taker (Hi, Amy!)  Using a disposable camera, she took several pictures at the party.  Of the images produced, only the two pictures with me in them, which were NOT sequential, showed any orbs.  Out of the entire roll of film, which, I believe, were a mixture taken at a couple of different locations including the party, the only two pictures of me are also the only two pictures to contain orbs.  This is similar to what happened last year (see picture at opening of website).  So, do I have an invisible escort?
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It's always important to test your equipment.  This is a cold evening breath test -- my breath is the mist to the left of the statue.
3/15/05 (from my report to the SPIRITS)
I picked up my photos today.  The images on the camera included the Safety Harbor Hunt, Osprey, Tampa Theatre, the Tarpon Cemetary, N. Dale Mabry, and Lithia-Pinecrest.  (Hey, look, it's $8 a pop for single prints!!)  ANYWAY, 
all pictures came out boringly plain...except for the Cemetary images. Check these out.  The one with the pinkish orb I'm sending to see if any of  you remember a street light back in that area.  I think that is what that is.  But, what do you make of that heavy mist image and the odd-shaped orb?  

Also, there is one small orb under the tree. I did enlarge it and it appears  to be a true orb, connected to nothing.  Understand that this camera RARELY captures ghostly images, but it did better than my digital camera, which 
took hazed shots (no real focus).

I'm excited about the mist image.  It was not cold enough for it to be breath (did anyone else there see their breath?)  It showed up in none of 
the 10 photos I took of the place; just that one.  I'm also not sure why I took two images of the same tree.  That's strange to me.  I did check the negatives; there is nothing on them.  These images come from within the picture. 

Brandy at SPIRITS party (12/17) 2005.  For the third or fourth year in a row, orbs show up with me.  This time my puggess, Iliad, is present.  This picture WAS bigger but I cropped it a wee bit (but couldn't hide the food.  Who took this picture, anyway?  Yeesh).  So WHO IS IT that is following me? (Other than the hungry pug, Iliad!)
Nov. 2007:
The week before Hallowe'en, I was called out to do a TV interview at 5 a.m. at the History Museum in St. Petersburg.  Rumor has it that the ghost of the mummy contained within the Museum haunts the building, so between on-air shots I took some time to walk through the Museum (with permission) and take photos.  I had my EMF meter with me and I had one phenomenal spike, which I could NOT replicate.  It was near the display on the old post box.  I took images with two film cameras (nothing) and two digital cameras.  This is the only on that had an image.  It is not a typical orb and I don't know what to make of it.  Any ideas?  It doesn't track like a hair (long and tubular, with brightness at both ends, but it's not an "orb shape" -- or a "flat bottom orb" as is typical to this camera.  
2008:  This relates to a house cleansing that I was invited to view.  I did have permission to record and utilized my Olympus digital recorder.  I ran this through Audacity Beta, enhanced (only slightly) this area by cleaning up the background noise.  The person doing the cleansing started to ask quesions of the entity.  Out of 1 hour and 15 minutes, this is the only response given. Note:  There were four of us present, no one was speaking at this point.  Recorder was in a secure spot and nothing else was picked up during the investigation. EVP:  "Saw me."
We are listed at the www.topparanormalsites.com website. Click here to vote for us.. Thank you :-)
Ernie Hudson (Winston, Ghostbusters) and me!
Odds and Ends.....
The exploits of my ghost investigation group.
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Grandfather's ghost, as told by my father (March 2012; a month before my father died). :
New:  Recent Research Project on the ghosts of Shakespeare's plays:  Great Caesar's Ghost
To clarify, I was talking to Mom about the car recall letter and how funny it is. I stood at the counter and turned to go to the hall for a moment, came back and found the car piece on the counter. It ties in to the conversation PERFECTLY. And, no, I did NOT pick up a monopoly piece. It was NOT there when I left the kitchen and I did not pick up anything to put on the counter. I have not used this game for at least 8 months.
Dad visit? 5/5/14