La Llorna:  The Weeping Woman
Brandy Stark
Metal, Found Objects, Fabric Materials
My statues are wrapped wire and found objects.  I typically depict mythological beings as I try to combine modern materials with ancient ideas. 

However, recently I have noticed a trend in my works which shifts from less intellectual works to more emotionally charged pieces.

This is one of those emotionally inspired pieces.  I picked up the metal and simply started to bend it.  I let my mind drift as I worked.  Soon, I had the start of a torso in my hand.  As I looked at it an answer came to me.  Two words whispered themselves to me:

La Lorna, the Weeping Woman.

I had never made one.  I was excited and almost felt as if I was being led to a certain area to rummage for materials.  I had to have cloth, more silver wire.  I was stunned to come across a bit of white  found in Key West.  It was perfect for La Lorna, who wears, at least in my mind, white.
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Exotic lace lends itself to her bodice and added a bit of Spanish spice to match her name. 

Curls formed themselves in the metal.  Fabric was pinched and wrapped specifically in certain locations; it had to hang just so.  She became ethereal, transforming the common elements of her composition into something more.

Time suspended itself.  Nothing mattered by the work.  I was in a whole new space. 

Her arms show her expression.  One curls back towards herself as the other reaches toward the viewer.  She is meant to sit on a higher level, her head and body twist slightly so that she looks demurely down, partially hidden by the long veil that trails behind her.

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My art uses found objects, metal, and polymer clay.  This is a series of old cameras that no longer worked.  I made them into ghost hunting Holiday ornaments for my team.
(Below)  My latest endevour:  polymer clay ghosts, created around found objects.