Jungle Prada Ghost Tour
March 9, 2006
Jungle Prada Tour: March 9, 2006
Brandy's report

Odds and ends from notes.

History: Area first inhabited by Tocobagans from 800 - 1000 CE.

There are the Ghost Lights of Boca Ciega Bay (not active this night).

Some small flux of EMF on the 0 - 3 scale (.2 - .4)

No known reason. 

Lights are said to peak in August.
Documented in 1880 by Watts. Relates to a battle from Aug. 1862.

Jungle Prada: Al Capone and Fuller both built in this area. They disturbed remains currently under the building of Saffron's.  

John La Veck, lost his gold in 1848. Said that he's still looks for it (buried in in John's Pass, which blew away in an unnamed hurricane).

Captain Tresdale (SP) lived in the area. He murdered his daughter-in-law, husband and committed suicide. (EMF spike .2 - .6).  

Jungle Prada Ghost Tour

Tonight I gave a lecture and helped to run a tour at Jungle Prada with about 60 Girl Scouts (from 5th to 10th grades). I wanted to see if I could replicate an image that I had gotten last time. Instead, I got this image (see below).

Here's what I can tell you. Redbeard, the pirate named for his bloody battles (his grey beard turned red after he slaughtered the natives) landed in the area on April 15. Also, a famous murder occurred across the street on April 15 and another death happened on Easter (this year taking place on April 16). With such a large group of young ladies I wondered if activity would be higher.

This was taken near the Tocobagan (Native Americans of the Tampa Bay area) Temple Mound. This area has a lot of reputed activity (and is next to a burial mound for the Native American population that got wiped out there). I had repeated EMF fluctuations on the - = 3 scale. No known reason.

Unfortunately, this is only the second field test for this camera. However, this is camera number 14 (in 5 - 6 years), I've done several hundred ghost hunts/tours over my lifetime, and I've never gotten an image like this. I attempted to replicate it several times -- immediately after, and at least twice else (multiple shots). Nothing.