Paranormal  Pop Quiz, North Pinellas County
I was up in north for the afternoon when I was presented with the opportunity to check on a property.  I had with my my EMF Trifield meter and my camera.  The property representative was present.  My technique was to walk around the perimeter of each room to see about readings.  I would stop in the middle of the room and ask if anyone was present to please make the meter spike.  

The base reading for the house was very much an even .2 on the 0 - 3 scale.  I did notice that I would get spikes around the corners of the rooms, but I did discover wall plugs on either side of the corner.  However, when I went around a second time, I got no spikes at all.  The meter did pick up an intercom system and a smaller a/c unit.  The property was built in 1984 and the owners lived in the house for 17 years.  The house was quite large and I was not able to go into the external buildings (garage, workout room).  It was on a secluded property as well.

The day was quite rainy.  Florida has been having a two week stint with storms and odd weather fronts.   I have felt a bit drained (sinus issues, lack of sun), but overall have been okay.  I did not really sense anything when I walked around the home.  I did get spikes in the first small room (dining room), the second room (which housed a television, though it was not on), and the master bedroom.  The a/c was set at 78 - 80.

The representative came with me on the second walk through.  When I asked if anyone was present the second time through, I did get more of a response.  There may be family members checking over the property.  I actually felt cooler when she was in the room and I asked if anyone was present.  The representative identified her grandfather as one potential person, and an aunt as a second.  Both have passed on.  The aunt had been in the house, the grandfather was supposed to come down to live in the house but never made it.

The meter spiked pretty consistently with the grandfather as present.  The aunt did not identify and the representative did not think that the aunt was present.

The spikes were inconsistent without a real message.  Gender was not identified, but the meter would spike if I asked if anyone was present.  It was a short trip but certainly quite interesting.  My guess is that whatever was there today is really family related and not tied to the property.  

It was a short investigation on a beautiful property.  Suspect family drop ins only; the place seemed quite clean.  It was a really interesting opportunity!