Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce building
For this, I sent a link to the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg. Several have described an interest in doing photo readings.  The idea is to see what images and impressions they might get from looking at the images.  I did not tell them what I knew of the place.  Three members responded.

My original email: 
I have a new lead on trying to investigate the City Council building.  In the meantime, I was told a general version of the story behind the building.  Since some of you like photo reading, I have posted photos.  I'm curious to see what you get.  No story listed yet...just images.

The responses:

Verna:  so far I have picked up a woman with red hair, possibly bad teeth or skin (acne). I see her standing there kind of stoutish and lots of saliva in her mouth as she talks....

The very first picture on the left, I sense a female standing at the door way.  She is watching employees.  I was not able to sense anything else from these pics, sorry.

Mary:  In looking at these my first thought was of a female entity who stands by the wall calendar and who often looking down the staff working at the desk......may even move things  perhaps even when the staff member is sitting there (not necessarily so the movement is seen...just there and then gone)

I'm not sure where the wall calendar is.  The ghost seems to appear only in one section of the building, and that is in the room with the round table (the bottom 3 pictures, plus the one above with the two doors).  People will see a dark figure pacing around in that room.  Gender, reason, and history for the figure are unknown.  [Addendum:  There are reports of items being moved, but it's hard to say if it's paranormal, or the fact that this is a multi-person office].

The building used to be a jail and then a bank.  The area where the table and the back offices currently sit was a field where they sold slaves and put together gangs (possibly chain gangs).