June 14, 2009
Brandy Stark &
Pasco Pinellas Paranormal

This case involves hostile haunts.  The family reports that activity centers around one person:  the husband.  The family has some turmoil in their history that, for sake of privacy, I cannot go into here.

Entities reported to me include a little girl, an animal elemental, a "black shadow" that was distorted (broad chested, very large, a lot of energy), a woman, and others.

Pasco Pinellas Paranormal (PPP) caugh over 30 EVPs during their visit.  Cold spots, psychic sensitivity, and more activity reported during prior visits.

My personal interest was really in meeting the animal elemental.  The male homeowner (husband) was a hunter who stuffed everything that he kills.  The house had 3 mounted boars heads, stuffed rattle snakes, alligator skin, and several deer.  One deer was semi-tamed and served as a family pet.  Homeowner was specifically asked not to kill the deer; traspassed onto another person's property and killed it anyway.  The head is mounted in the living room. I could not touch one of the boar heads, though I felt OK touching the other deer/boar heads.  (I do not believe in slaughter of animals and am a strict vegetarian). Also has hunting dogs kept in pens and a slaughter area in his garage to gut his kills.

This is one of my first hostile cases, though when the male homeowner is not present (he had removed himself from the property during the investigation) the entities are much calmer.  There appeared to be no hostile energy that night.

I did use the Paranormal Puck, Ovilus, EMF and natural EM meters, digital camera, and electronic recorders.  The Paranormal Puck recorded MASSIVE fluctuations in EMF and Natural EM, despite the homeowner shutting off lights, wireless, and cable TV.

Personal Experiences and results of the investigation:  The Paranormal Puck did some rather strange things.  Despite resetting the word bank, only certain terms would be repeated over and over again.  The prominent words were "women" and "crossover" -- which actually appeared to be part of a cohesive response to converstations taking place at the time, or the answers to questions -- followed by "Walter", "short", "wires", "above", and "van".

I attempted to try the Ovilus to see if it would clarify anything.  Twice it came up with the same phrase "meter" "remove".  After the first time I got this phrase, I turned the device off and turned it back on.  It again came up with "meter" "remove".  Laurie (PPP) suggested that I turn the device off and that it might be interfering with the Paranormal Puck.

During an EVP session with the Puck, the EMF meter also started to spike in response to questions.  

Walking across the property, we tried the back area.  Lexie (PPP) picked up the dark entity in the back area.  We tried several times to get him to speak to us via EVP but got no result.  However, in this area, my digital camera did capture a bright orb.  I attempted to replicate the results on two different occassions (over 30 shots) and could not.  A secondary orb picture was also captured by the gates.  The two seemed to match each other, though one was more distant than the other.  Other images that night captured orbs but they were merely dust.  The orbs I am describing appeared to be very bright and possibly self illuminating.  They were both captured in areas where there was an entity sensed.

When Laurie came out with me, we attempted to replicate the orb shots.  In taking pictures of the area, she caught a strange picture with red "ribbons" stretching across the frame.  I was right next to her when she took the picture; subsequent attempts to replicate the picture with her camera and with mine did not produce any results.  We both searched the area to try and determine what might have produced the ribbon-like effect and found no cords and no reflective surfaces that could cause the oddity.

On the return from the back of the property, I noticed a building that I had completely missed.  I stopped and Laurie took a few more pictures.  One of the pictures showed up with a red haze.  I physically witnessed Laurie taking the photograph and I saw the image on the camera -- the red haze appeared as soon as she snapped it.  My camera did not capture anything.  Attempts to replicate the shot failed.  I cannot explain this image at all; there was nothing red in the area, no available light source, and none of us wore red that night.

After the investigation: Laurie analyzed the Paranormal Puck words and came up with an amazing thing:  She had a friend named Walter.  She phoned him; he knew the home owner from years before.  They also had a mutual friend named "A." Short.  The three met at the mud bogs to run their trucks (vans?) through the area.  It is one of the first times that the Puck has panned out in such a manner; I dismissed many of the words as random.

Upon reviewing my data, I had the two orb images.  I also had three EVPs (see below).

I want to thank Pasco Pinellas Paranormal for allowing me on the investigation!  I look forward to working with this great team again in the future.