Brandy's Aura Ghost

The possible ghost-->
OK, I know it's not a flattering photo, but it is an interesting one!  This is a recent photograph (done around November of 1999) depicting my aura.  I have had two aura photographs done in 1999 (I was an artist at a gallery featuring my own show where the aura photography was offered, so I got the photos done for nothing!).  Unfortunately, the first aura photograph has been misplaced.  It showed a highly red aura full of energy (I had it taken the night of my show and was pretty charged up) also containing, according to the photographer, a "previous life line", and a second "Anomaly Line."  The anomaly line was basically something she had never seen develop in an aura photo before.  It was lower than the previous lifeline, was orange and blurred to yellow with a hint of purple.  It was also not as well defined as a previous lifeline.  I, of course, HAVE to be different!  I was more than delighted, but still rather curious as to what it possibly could have meant. 

This is the second aura photograph.  I have had it taken about three or four months after the first photo.  It is not as highly concentrated or RED as the previous photo.   However, there is still an anomaly in it:  do you see the green area above my head?  It is in a circular shape, with some slight cream high lights.  That is supposed to be the ghost of someone recently passed (within the past year). It would seem I have a ghost in my aura!  She said it was unusual because of the "eyes" that she saw in the ghost's face.  Either the "eyes" are huge and round (you can vaguely see one "eye" to the right of the green area) OR the ghost is wearing glasses.  Having glasses on a ghost, it seems, is very unusual.  In order to have them, a ghost must consider the glasses to be a part of his or her identity, and must have had them for a long time while alive to make such an association.

Truthfully, I am not sure what to make of the aura photography.  I certainly find it interesting.  I do not dwell a lot on it, and really participated more out of curiosity than out of strong belief  (plus, I got it as a bonus to my art show!). While I don't know if I can place all of my faith into it, it is a rather unique expression of self and I do not know if I can fully discount it, either.  I included it with my ghost page because of the "ghost" in my aura. Was her interpretation correct?  Or is it just an unusual swirl of light and color that catches the eye in a certain way?    If anyone can enlighten me on this phenomena I would appreciate it!  Comments are always welcome!

Interpretation of said aura:
Blue dome, with light-blue streak:
Protection/Presence of a greater power (her words:  "The Holy Spirit")
Red and yellow to either side:  Education and excitement in both my past and future.
Green:  Healing power.  Central to the Green is a roundish shape, cream in color.  That is the ghost in my aura!  White dots:  Faeries.
Photo: 1/99