Gods and Goddesses
I love the goddess figures.  I really enjoy that each goddess, or woman, has such a strong personality.  I have found myself working on pieces in honor of Hera, Medea, Circe, Callipso, Medusa, Morgana, and Ariadne thus far. 

For the Gods I have created Pan and the Celtic Green Man.  Like their female counterparts each has his own personality.

I have done many sea goddesses such as Amphitrite, Ino, and the Okeanids/Nerieds.  For sea gods, I have worked with Poseidon, Triton, Okeanos, Nerus, and others.  I have, however, classified these beings with other ocean-going myths, located on my merpeople page.

TESTAMONY, Galatea II:  Putting On Her Face (not pictured), 3.03.02
I'll be mailing you a THANK YOU card (probably if I get them) tonite for the COMPLETELY, UTTERLY COOL AND FANTASTIC sculpture. Wow. It was easily my favorite gift. It is right on my fireplace mantle! I love it. And have been showing her off to everyone. You, too, are quite talented. My friend Shannon also flipped over it.
Gina Vivinetto

"Sampson" with Spear.
La Llorna "The Weeping Woman"
Brandy Stark
Another of mortal beginings, La Lorna is a feared as a weeping ghost.  Some say she killed her children and searches for them, others that she ran away from her wedding and was kill, so searches for her dead love.

La Lorna, in some respects, may be a modern goddess of death in her etherial aspects.
Mixed Media.
"Frida," 2002.  Perhaps another example of a "modern" goddess, she was a very assertive woman whose powerful images remain in humanities textbooks around the world.
Atalanta.  This nymph-like woman was fully mortal.  It was her exceptional background that made her unique:  she was raised under the guidance of the huntress goddess Artemis.  She had the exceptional ability to run swiftly, and she may have been the only woman aboard the Argonaut.
Leda and the Swan:  Found object art, metal, etc.  Here, Leda prepares to accept Zeus, in his swan form.  She will birth Helen of Troy from this union.
This is Venus walking in her mythical garden.  Venus was originally the Roman goddess of flowers and gardens before she absorbed that attributes of Aphrodite.
Urania:  Unfortunantly, destroyed in shipping from an art show.  Urania was the muse of the Celestial; found object sculpture hand painted with nail polish; found object and metal wings.