Jungle Prada Ghost Tour
April 15, 2006
Jungle Prada Ghost Tour

Tonight I gave a lecture and helped to run a tour at Jungle Prada with about 60 Girl Scouts (from 5th to 10th grades).  I wanted to see if I could replicate an image that I had gotten last time.  Instead, I got this image (see below).

Here's what I can tell you.  Redbeard, the pirate named for his bloody battles (his grey beard turned red after he slaughtered the natives) landed in the area on April 15.  Also, a famous murder occurred across the street on April 15 and another death happened on Easter (this year taking place on April 16).  With such a large group of young ladies I wondered if activity would be higher.

This was taken near the Tocobagan (Native Americans of the Tampa Bay area) Temple Mound.  This area has a lot of reputed activity (and is next to a burial mound for the Native American population that got wiped out there).  I had repeated EMF fluctuations on the - = 3 scale.  No known reason.

Unfortunately, this is only the second field test for this camera.  However, this is camera number 14 (in 5 - 6 years), I've done several hundred ghost hunts/tours over my lifetime, and I've never gotten an image like this.  I attempted to replicate it several times -- immediately after, and at least twice else (multiple shots).  Nothing.