New Pug, New Discovery

I rec'd a series of e-mails about a pug who was adopted out to a new home.  About ten days after he arrived, he started to sense something that surprised the family.  With permission of participants, I have posted the e-mails, images, and polls, to allow you to decide what is going on here.

Nov. 11, 2004: 

Hi, Brandy    

I got a phone call last night, then an email this morning with some pictures I had requested, all of which I thought you might be interested in, and told the people I would be sending this on to you.

Brogan the pug found a new home where he can be an only pug.   The woman, Cecilia, teaches voice lessons and renamed him after her favorite composer, Puccini. They call him "Pucci." The phone call last night described some unusual behavior on Pucci's part. They were just settling in to watch TV, as I recall the conversation, when Pucci raised his head and began to sniff the air near the bed. He sniffed a bit. Then he started barking, as if at something on or just over the bed. Cecilia began removing extra pillows, to see if one of them was what was bothering him. Barking continued. Finally he ran under the dresser.

That was when they called me.

He never acted like that when he was here. I told Robert on the phone that my place is pretty clear, so I doubt there would be cause for anything like that here. His reply was, "Wellwe thought ours was clear." I think you are probably the right person to tell about this. I can't tell a thing from the pictures, but maybe they will say something to you. The incident is certainly strange, to say the least.

I'm emailing them for permission to send their email address on to you, if you want to contact them directly. 


         The e-mail to  Aine: 

         Well, it happened again.  Pucci went crazy again and I had the camera ready.  Here are a          few pictures of the area he was focusing on and a couple that show him in one of his                  hyper states.  He was barking at the air and just frantic when either Cecilia or I went near            this space.

         I don't see anything in the pictures, but maybe your friend can see something.  We would           love to know if she thinks there is something there.

         Let us know what you learn and we will keep you advised of any other episodes.

        More later.

Hi, Brandy:

They are here in Tacoma.

Kay, a local breeder, rescue person and pug person, suggested that the furor might have been caused by the presence of their previous pug, a girl named  Kiwi, who died in January.

Kay also said that when one of her dogs died, the rest of them treated the her couch for months, as if there were another dog on it. I hadn't known that, but I thought that was interesting, too.

I'll forward your mail on to them.

This is getting interesting for me, too.


Nov. 12, 2004.  From the pug owners, directly:  

Thank you for your input on our situation.  There is nothing new since Wednesday night.  We have one question about your message.  What, exactly is a crisis apparation?
The other interesting dog related "spirit" experience in our lives happened about two years ago.  Cecilia had a corgy/beagle mix when we got married and he lived with us until he died of "natural causes" at 18 years old. (That was over 5 years ago and he died on Cecilia's birthday.)  Long after he had died Cecilia had more than one experience when walking through the house when she clearly saw Peanuts lying in a sunspot in the bedroom as she walked past in the hallway.  She had to back up to double check to see that he wasn't really there.
Then, about two years ago Cecilia had a severe Asthma attack and I rushed her to the hospital emergency room.  While the nurse rushed her into a room in ER, I sat down with the clerk to check her in.  He ask for Cecilia's name and I told him "Cecilia Kinch".  He asked if she had every been to this ER before and I said "No!"  He typed in the Kinch name and looked a bit puzzled and asked, "Do you have a relative named 'Peanuts'?"  I said, we had had a dog by that name, but he was never in the hospital.
When I went into the room and told Cecilia what had happened she could only say, "Well, he's here for me, isn't he?"
We have never known just what to make of that, but have never questioned it, either.
Any more thought you may have are welcome.  Yes, go ahead and put the story out there and see if anyone else responds.  We will keep watching for any more signs with Pucci.  

Thanks for your interest.
Robert & Cecilia

My thoughts:   I've heard that cats tend to hang around longer than dogs.  I've heard of pugs appearing, usually shortly after death, to their owners, but this tends to be limited to the first few months after passing over the Rainbow Bridge.  For a pug to still be present nearly a year later is unusual.  Could Pucci be picking up a place memory?  Is Kiwi still present?  Or, is it something else?  Other unusual events have been happening recently.  I'm wondering if this is related to a "crisis apparition" of some sort -- perhaps a recently deceased friend that Pucci is able to pick up?  But, I leave this to you.  The pictures are below.  Please view and vote.
What is Pucci sensing?The deceased spirit of Kiwi
Nothing, he's getting adjusted to a new home
A crisis apparition
Other spirit
I have a hunch, but it's not listed here
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Kiwi's Heart12/10/04

I rec'd the following e-mail from a fellow pug owner:

Brandy you are never ever in a million years gonna believe what just happened to us over here. I don't think anyone will believe this, they will think my whole family is a bunch of crack pots. I was sitting in front of the computer viewing and reading your paranormal site, my son was in the room across from me taking a shower. He calls me and walks over to me dripping wet with a towel around himself telling me to come here. We went to his bathroom and he said that those three pieces hit me in the head, what are they? There was three red things laying in his shower. I asked him where they came from and he didn't know. The first piece hit him and he looked up at the ceiling and there was nothing there then another hit him in the head.
 I bent over to look at it and didn't know what they were so I picked them up. They appeared to be some kind of soft red colored rubber. I moved them around to see if I could put the pieces back together to see what it was. IT IS A HEART, A BROKEN HEART. I ran down stairs to ask my daughter if she knew what it was and she said no. Her and my husband were watching tv. I told them what just happened and they were a little freaked. My husband kept saying I have no explanation for it. Lee and I have been sitting here watching tv the whole time. Then I remembered that the e-mail I sent to the list Monday, the subject I wrote was "Kiwi is gone, my heart is broken." NO WAY.
So, I said that I was gonna wait for Ty to come downstairs after his shower and see his reaction to it. He was freaked out and has no idea about this. BRANDY, I CAN"T BELIEVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it my Kiwi? Is she telling me something? SERIOUSLY, am I crazy? What is this all about, can it be real? OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I need medication, I  think I am going crazy here.

I did respond to her asking her to clarify a few points.  Her response:

 I would love for someone to look into this. We are all freaked, sad, loved and I don't know how to feel over this. My son is 13 and my daughter is 11.  We know that the kids didn't try to pull this off. We can tell if they are lying. I can take pictures of the heart for you. I put it in a zip lock and slept with it under my pillow.
Just to give you a little more insight into this, Kiwi was very special, more special then you can imagine. There is an entire story around her and her short life. I will try to make it short for you. I lost 7 family members in an 18 month period of time. Two of them being my grandmother and my mother, then we lost our 10 year old Chow named Sky. 
We had our old pug Precious at the time. Because of our grieving I thought it was best to get a puppy in the house. We had been looking at pups for about a week and there was an excuse why we didn't get any of them. My criteria for a pup was if I put it up to my face and it loved me back that was the one. 
When we went to go look at this litter of Puggies the lady wouldn't show me the runt. I love runts. She said she was ugly and embarrassed because it was so small. Kiwi was the most beautiful thing we ever saw. I put her to my face and she loved me back. That was the one.
 I kept saying that she was a gift from my mother because I had just collected some life insurance money and I used some to buy Kiwi with. We always said there was something familiar about her and never could put our finger on it. Then Kiwi had her cervical surgery and then the Myelitis diagnosis. The vet told me that Myelitis is the same as human Lupus or Multiple Sclerosis. My mother passed away from Multiple Sclerosis. Is that suppose to be another coincidence? Before Kiwi passed on I told her that when she got to heaven to tell my mother and grandmother how much I miss them and how much I love them.
My daughter called to my attention that there was three pieces to the heart. One for my mother, one for my grandmother and one for Kiwi. There is some strong love coming our way from the other side. I want to believe it is true, I don't want it to get scientifically explained away.
Keep in touch with me. I just have to know more about this.
Kiwi's remains are in already, the vet left a message. I feel like puking.

Pugs Who Return12/10/04

I've just been on your paranormal pugs page. I visit periodically, to keep in touch with what is going on, and the recent email made it easy. As I was reading the story from the woman whose pug recently died, I had no problem believing that she received a message from the pug-love of her life. I don't think they forget us when they go on, as perhaps they do when we must send them to another home. 

The story reminded me of another experience which I don't believe I've shared with you. I'm not sure. But I think it would be of interest.

One of the boxes on my shelf is the ashes of my Willie. When he came to me, his name was Wile E., as in Wile E. Coyote. I changed his name to Willie. He was a rescue who had been seriously injured as a pup. [The owners said he got his tail caught in a door, however the injury was consistent with a good, hard kick, so who knows?] Conformation-wise, the boy was a mess. His build was a throwback to Victorian times or earlier. He was a bit rangy, as opposed to cobby. His head and face looked like something out of an old picture-book. His tail did not curl normally because of the injury, and he was completely incontinent. He was the one who taught me the value of being willing to change diapersand for him I learned how to make diaper holders that would not fall off at odd moments.

He was not particularly a cuddly boy, but he was loving and had lots of personality and I loved him. Although he rarely asked for lap time, he enjoyed sitting by my desk while I worked on the computer, and had his special spot right by my chair. No one else ever took that spot from him. About a year and a half after he came to be with me, he fell ill, and because of the timingit was late at night when I realized he needed helpI took him to the emergency vet. The vet had me leave Will there, because he was so tired and not able to keep anything down. The next day, a call informed me that he had "passed away" in the night.

I walked the floor crying for a while, saying repeatedly, "Ohmy Willie's gonemy Willie's gone."  I understand that it is probably not so intensely difficult to say good-by to a pug-child who has been with me for only a short while. However we had had a fine few months together, and I was saddened by his death.

Shortly thereafter, I went online to tell Pugtalk that Willie had gone to the bridge. And a few weeks after that, I was talking about him again. I still cannot explain why I said what I did, but in an email equivalent of blurting, I wrote something like this: "Will the breeders in this group keep an eye out for my Willie, in case he decides to come back to me." I later even wondered why I had said that, especially since I've always understood that those who choose to come back usually rest a while and return after their rest. It was too soon for Willie, by those standards.  We joked about it on the list for a while, and I remember commenting that if he was coming back, I hoped he would choose a mom close by, since I didn't care to leave all the other pugs and fly to Sylvie in France to collect him.

The next thing that happened is that Lynne wrote to me privately: "I've got to tell you about this one puppy in the litter." Over the next weeks, I learned about this strange pug-kid.

--He was constantly demanding of attention. 

--He didn't play much with the others, but kept to himself. 

--He seemed somehow frustrated with his body, that he couldn't do the things he wanted. 

--I went to visit him and held him while he was tiny. He had a white foot, a throwback characteristic, I believe, since I have seen old pictures of pugs with white markings that would be considered inappropriate today. Was it a deliberate choice of a throwback characteristic, to help me understand who he is? 

--When he was a little older, I went to see him again. When I picked him up, he practically wagged his tail right off his little behind. He wiggled and wiggled and licked me and couldn't be still. I could see Lynne, and her jaw dropped. "He's never done anything like that before," she said. 

--As I recall, I couldn't take him home yet on that visit, because he was too young, but had to make a third trip to bring him home. In the motor home, I put him in a laundry basket. Laundry baskets were among Will's favorite things. Little Will sat there, looked about him, and if he could have talked, I'm sure he would have said, "Ohthis feels familiar. It's about time." He curled up and went to sleep. 

--When we got home and I brought him in the house, the first place he went was to his old spot by my desk and curled up there. 

--A few days later, I picked up a toy that had come with Wile E. from pug rescuea tiny monkey. I gave it to him. He took it in his mouth, carried it around for a while, then went into his crate and fell asleep with his head on it. 

--The laundry basket behavior -the sleeping in his old spotand the response to the monkey- were never repeated. Perhaps he did them once to show me it was really him. 

--The tail-wagging and licking continues. I've wondered ifunable to use his tail at all in his previous lifehe simply takes great delight in having a working tail in this life. 

Willie's personality is similar to Will's, but not exactly like it. Willie's a bit of a loner at times, although he romps with the others at other times. He sleeps in the bed with us, not up by my head, as Tyler insists on doing, but toward the foot and toward the north, which was Will's preferred spot. Willie doesn't start paw-ti-cuffs [except perhaps over food] but he takes nothin' from nobody, which was very much a Will characteristic. 

Anyhow, this is how I remember it. It's not quite the usual run of what you write about, but I thought it is sufficiently related that it might interest you.

My own personal experience; recorded 1 week after Granny Chu passed on. (Jan. 26, 2005)
Precog. of a Pug's Death?

I am volunteering at the Arts Center and the Fine Arts Museum -- awesome shows.  The MFA has an Impressionist show, featuring Monet, which is really very neat; the exhibition has a lot to it, including Pointellism, Fauvism, early photography, lithographs, paintings, and a multitude of artists including Pissaro, Whistler, and Tosseau.  There is one painting that has a pug in it!  There is a pug in it, and it's a pug typical to the time period; if one looks carefully, one notes that the pug has a slight snout.  Pugs' faces shortened over the past 100 years to become extremely flat.  100 years ago (I have a couple of antique pieces from the time period depicting pugs with longer snouts). 

Last Friday was my first Friday there.  I may have had a premonition of Granny's death.  I remember seeing the pug in the painting and feeling sad; this pug was long gone and only it's image remained with us through this painting.  It was not a great image; I presume to pug is male, but can't tell.  It's spoiled, but has no name.  It gave happiness and was consumed by death over 100 years ago; what aspect of this pug still lives?  Yes, these are strange thoughts to have.  When I saw the painting this week, none of those thoughts nor that sadness came to me.  Granny started to die as soon as I got home from the, was there a connection?

Update:  3/3/05

The other day Cecilia bought a new purse.  She hung it on the back of the bedroom door where her old purse had always hung, but the first night it was there Pucci got to barking at the door and wouldn't stop.  When we figured out it must be the purse that was bothering him we put it up in the closet behind bifold doors.  He continued to bark, standing on his hind legs and barking at the top of the closet.  We finally moved the purse to the hall closet with the coats and closed that door.  He managed to find that spot as well and barked there for some time before we could coax him away with a game of stuffy fetch.

Then last night he got started on barking at my office door that was open and back against the wall.  I realized that he might be noticing a plastic bag that was hanging on the back of that doorknob so I put it on the floor and let him sniff it and get a good look to see it was nothing frightening.  That seemed to settle him for a while, but later he went back to barking in the general direction of the office and backed himself down the long hall as though something was after him.

This morning Cecilia was getting ready to go out and she got her purse out of the hall closet and placed it on the bed.  Pucci went wild.  When she moved the purse and put it by the front door he still barked at the spot where it had been on the bed.  He just seems to have these episodes occasionally where he is really upset about something or someone in the house.  Why the purse, we do not know.

We have commented openly to whatever spirits might be here that we do appreciate their visit, but if they are just here to scare the dog we would appreciate it if they would leave and not bother him.  That hasn't seemed to make much difference.

Well, all in all he is a loveable dog and we really enjoy him, but he is giving us a challenge with his spirit reactions, whatever they are.  Any ideas???

Pass this on and let us know what others might think.

More later if he keeps it up!  (And, as I am writing this Cecilia says Pucci is staring at the closet door again.  When she was changing clothes this evening he spotted another purse she has hanging in that closet.  Now he is just staring???)

NEW:  7/22/05
Once before you gave us your impressions of the entities that our Pug, Puccini was seeing.  Below is a description of his latest episode.  If you have any ideas of what it might be that is troubling him, we would certainly appreciate your response.

Thanks for the response.  In answer to some of your questions, he sees cats in the neighborhood here all the time and never does anything except stare at them.  He doesn't bark or go after them at all.

He doesn't really seem frightened in these episodes, he seems more angry and aggressive, like he wants to attach whatever it there.  I guess that's his way of being protective of us.

Cecilia has told the "spirits", "If you keep messing with my dog, when I get to heaven I'm gonna kick your butt!"  I'm not sure whether that has had an effect yet or not.

He was a little touchy still this morning, although he seemed to calm down and sleep alright last night.  So far tonight, he is just fine.

We are wondering if we should try to contact your "remote viewer" friend again.  We are not so concerned about whatever spirits might be in the house, as we are of the fact that whatever this is, it is upsetting Puccini.  Our concern is for him, not for us or our need for protection.  If we can get any ideas on ways to eliminate these episodes, I think we would be a lot happier, and I think Pucci would, too.

I don't think I still have that contact, so if you could share it we will offer to pay for some kind of a reading or whatever we can do to get some answers.
From Aine:
No thoughts at all. He never did anything like that here. But then, everything is pretty clear here. No entities of any sort that bother the dogs.

Has a cat ever lived in that house? Could he be seeing a visitation from a cat that once lived there and doesn't care for him? That would make him act that way. He has seen cats here, but the whole herd has barked at them and chased them.

It seems to me that your taking time to talk to him and help him calm down was a fine idea. Does he act frightened when he does this? Or just protective? Or?

Can you ever get a picture of the area he's barking at? If you can and can see an orb...that might be some clue that there is really some kind of entity there.

Thanks for the update. Pucci will be fine. You love him tremendously, and that is what he needs most. 

I'm so glad you took him and kept him and are giving him the experience he needed--being an only child in a home filled with love for him.

I'm also most grateful that you keep in touch. I love hearing about him.


Well, tonight is just another episode with Puccini.  We have been sitting in our bedroom watching TV, which we do every night.  Pucci acted like he wanted more food, so I went to the kitchen and gave him a little more.  I came back to the bedroom and sat down.  He started down the hall and stopped midway and started barking.  We walked with him back toward the kitchen and he seemed to be barking at just everything (and nothing).  When we finally got him back in the bedroom he started sniffing at the air and barking.  He looks to the ceiling, then at the wall, and at nothing at all.

We're wondering, again, if you every had any such experience with him, or is it just our house.  Or is it the same spirits that the remote viewer described.  Cecilia has taken to talking to "them" and asking them to please leave.  "Thanks for visiting, but you are scaring my dog, so please leave."

It has been a good ten or fifteen minutes since he started and he is still going.  It is clear that he is seeing something (or thinks he is) and he is reacting to it.  He jumps back, runs away and then turns and barks.

We haven't had anything just like this for some time, so we are mystified, once again.

If you have any clues we would love to hear them.

We love the guy to pieces, and feel a little sorry for him, whatever it is that's bothering him.  The other theory is that he may be trying to warn us about something.  He seems to have been much more protective of us in recent weeks.

Well, I thought he had settled down a little, but I was wrong.  It is still going on.

Well, I took some time away from the computer and went back in the bedroom and just talked to Pucci quietly and he seems now to have settled down.  He's up on the bed, on top of my bathrobe (his favorite spot both morning and night).

Any thoughts?
Robert and Cecilia (and, of course, Puccini    
Odyssey the Pug of the Clan Stark was invited to a ghost hunt with the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg.  This is the third recheck of this location, so see reports at the bottom of the page, located at:

Pug Praises

Hi Brandy - Loved your pug pages!  You are wonderful to take in so many rescues - we have just rescued a puppy - think he is german shep/keeshound/wolf - he's going to be a big boy lol.  Speaking of pugs and ghosts, our little puggie always barks at my mom's china cabinet late at night - so I think that my mom is visiting.  She never got to meet Tru but I know she would have loved her.  She seems to be quite psychic, actually, and has spotted several spirits around here. In fact, Tru has gotten so afraid  of "something" in our home once that she actually backed up barking, scuffing her back legs up like she was getting ready to really go after someone, and the hair was standing up on her back!  Don't think it was my mom lol.  She backed up from one room into another room where I was in a furry of barking and scuffing - don't have any idea what was up, but she was scared.  My son has seen what he described as a small bleed through creature that scared the pooh out of him, so maybe it was another one.  We seem to have a portal for all sorts of things in our master bedroom closet, so who knows?  I think all animals are psychic, but she seems more so than most:)

In Love and In Light - Kathe 

Visit from a Friend
Submitted Nov. 2, 2007
Tucker was my main man - joker, clown, always happy, the middle of my  heart. He was a toucher, a leaner. So very loving. When the guys settled in for  the evening, Tucker was the one lying closest to me. All of my pugs are dear to  me but Tucker and I had something special. People who compete in obedience talk  about - wish for - a "once in a lifetime" dog. Not necessarily because they do  great things in the ring, but because, well..... there really aren't any words  for it. Tucker was mine.  

I lost Tucker on November first, 2005, and thought my heart would break. On  November first, 2006, I sat at the den bar with tears flowing. Oh, how I missed  him! Tucker was almost always beside me then - touching, leaning, and I  imagined that I felt his warmth against my leg, as if he was there again. Or a  wish, perhaps.
November first 2007 was a particularly busy, stressful day and to  be honest, I didn't think about this second anniversary of his death. I didn't  think about Tucker at all. Maybe I did, but they weren't conscious thoughts. Or  maybe I wouldn't let them be. The pug gang was outside. I sat at the bar with my  dinner, watching the evening news. A feeling of deep calm and peace and love  washed over me, and did a little body just brush against my  leg? I looked down, thinking one of the pugs hadn't gone out. Nobody there.  And then I remembered. November first. Through the tears I smiled,  for Tucker was about joy too. We had so much of that. I don't believe in  ghosts. Really I don't. But I do believe that somehow love lives  on forever. 

Another paranormal pug posting on another pug site:

Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007 11:00 PM
Subject: for brandy
July 9, 2008
A friend hung some large, very melodious wind chimes on the back patio.  June has been an especially windy month in a large part of Texas and the chimes  have responded accordingly. Indoors, with the double windows, I'm less aware of  them. I've probably tuned them out to some extent. But then, I don't hear as  well as I used to anyway. 
Of the six pugs, Smitty and Woodrow hear best. I was aware that  they seemed to be alerting to something but it was a heads-up-and-down-again  thing. Could be anything - a bird on the roof, a neighbor mowing. No  big deal.  
The wind blew and the chimes continued to clang. Then I heard something else. It seemed like a voice. More than one? Soft. Not unpleasant.  Smitty and  Wood heard it too. They looked toward the back door then at me. Very uneasy.  Broad daylight. Nothing in the back yard. Nothing in the front yard. I went out  and checked both sides of the house. 
Nearly dark now. I heard it again. Two pug heads up. And again. Two pugs  all the way up. A woman's voice? A child? As if pleading. Questioning. I turned  on the patio light. The chimes continue their clanging, ringing. Voice.
Voices.  Again. Then no more. If Smitty and Wood hadn't reacted, I might have thought  it was my imagination. But it wasn't. They knew it and I knew  it. Real. Spooky. Scary. 
Bedtime. The pugs sleep. I don't. Listening. Phone by my side. My bathroom  window is next to the patio. It's there that I hear the voice/voices again. The  window is closed and locked. Everything is closed and locked. "They're here........" 
Morning. Whew! I let the pugs out. The wind is still blowing. The voices  are back. They're right above us. All of us! Smitty and Woodrow are very, very  heads-up. Staring at the wind chimes. Wind. Chimes. The wind is not only  knocking the chimes against each other, it's blowing *through* the chimes. Small  ones, large ones, short ones, long ones. Each making an other-worldly, very  spooky sound. Voices. 
I may put the wind chimes in the storeroom for awhile. Or maybe not. What  if they're in the storeroom and we hear the voices again? Let's don't chance it. 
Submitted by: Phyllis 
Charlie and Stew
Submitted Oct. 6, 2008

While I can't be 100 percent absolutely certain, I have an idea that my Pug Stew is a reincarnated Lab named Charlie.  On the day Stew was born or a day or so later, there was the undeniable presence of Charlie, who had passed on 2 months previous. 
Stew was born in my home, along with 2 littermates.  The puppies took up much more of my time and energy than I had expected, due to the fact the mama wouldn't feed them without me being right there with her.  It was so wonderful to sense that Charlie was there, even though I couldn't see his old form.  I thought perhaps he was here to check out the new puppies, as most dogs love puppies.  The "undeniable presence" didn't stay, but as time goes on, I am finding out that this could indeed be real.
The reasons:
1 - Same body type, very thin, deep chest, blond fur.
2 - Same homeopathic remedy prescribed by a classically-trained homeopath, which is based on the  principle of like cures like.
3 - The very thought makes me smile, and I can call Stew "Charlie" and he looks and I get a feeling that's hard to describe, but it's like when you hug someone you haven't seen in a long time, a warm reception. 
4 - Why not!
Charlie lived to be 14 years old, and Stew is now 2 years old.  Charlie was an escape artist who had to be picked up from the Humane Society more than once.   He was my boyfriend's dog.  I'm looking into animal communication, and this is an issue I would like to explore. 
Terri & the Pugs of Joy
Mama, is that you?
Submitted Oct. 8, 2008

I grew up with pugs, we lived in a 2 family house that my grandparents owned along with their pugs...Mugsey, then after he cross the bridge way too soon we had Pugsey... so when I got my Twister and his lip got stuck up in the air on one was the same face my grandmother would make..needless to say when he is making the face and I say " Mama fix your lip...he always does...I would LOVE to think she is back here with us...
Call for stories: 
I am always looking for stories for the Paranormal Pugs Page.  These stories can feature pugs encountering ghosts or pugs as ghosts, or other venues of pugs acting paranormally.
I am preparing to start a new page featuring small animals and the paranormal.  As a proud care taker of 6 adorable rats, I find them to have a high level of self awareness. As such, I am interested in starting a small animal Paranormal Page featuring rats, hamsters, mice, and other rodents, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, etc., either as ghosts, encounting ghosts, or in other paranormal situations.
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Pat's Story
Submitted: Dec. 5, 2008

Hi, I’m writing from London Ontario in Canada.  We became Pug owners in 2001.  Our first two Theo and Bella Dawn were born on October 1st, my older son’s birthday and 3 days before the death of my mother from bowel cancer.  We had been planning a trip to Hungary when we received word that her cancer had returned and spread, so when she was cremated I requested some of her ashes to hold for the time when we could go and bury them in the village where she was born.  They sit on a chest in my living room.  There is a phantom draft that comes and goes right around the area where the ashes are.  Bella took to barking at a spot that pretty much centres on the draft and is about 2-3 feet from the ashes from the time when she was about 4 months old.  This happens every few weeks or so at varying times of day.

In 2006 Bella became a mother herself.  She had a litter of 7 healthy babes, 4 girls and three boys.  My mother’s name was Aranyka Hajnal (Golden Dawn) so the puppies became Dawn Pugs.  We kept Hajnali Mara Jade (my younger son is a Star War’s fanatic) and Hajnali Feher Csillag (Dawn’s White Star, so named for a blaze on her chest, but she also has white fore paws which we know is a defect but you can’t believe the number of people who have wanted this little girl in spite of her defects!).  Theo thinks he is the puppies’ father and a great father he was and is, from breaking up fights to shaking fuzzy squeaky toys for the little ones to chase.

I have always kept an angel music box in my living room, but after Christmas 2006 I moved it to the chest where my mother’s ashes are.  Since mom died the music box has occasionally let out a note or two which I always put down to some sort of atmospheric accident – you know metal contracting or expanding or something like that.  To play it you have to turn the body of the angel while holding the base – it is not something that can happen accidently. 

One day about March of 2007 I was down in the basement when all the dogs suddenly erupted into howls and barks.  I assumed that someone had rung the door bell and went up to see who it could be.  When I got into the living room all four Pugs were clustered in front of the chest with the angel music box and the music box was playing!  This was not just a note or two, it was several bars of music.  Then as I watched and the dogs howled, the angel began to turn the other way as the music box was rewound!  The dogs continued howling and I watched for a few seconds then went back downstairs and got on the computer to contact my brother and sisters.  I usually dream about my parents when something is wrong in the family; I’m the oldest and they seem to expect me to still keep an eye on the rest of them.  Sure enough, my brother had just found out that he had a heart condition and was undergoing testing to find out how serious it was.  He was always Mom’s favourite and I guess she couldn’t wait for me to find out what was up with him.  The music box stopped playing as soon as I sent out my e-mails.

So my Pugs are definitely aware of a presence that I presume is my mother.  Bella is the most sensitive; she’s a smart girl with a large vocabulary and considerable nagging skills.  I have always maintained that Pugs will be the first dogs to be recorded using tools and having a decipherable language.  They definitely can pick up on the psychic realm too.

Pat G
Submitted 2/26/09

I am owned by four pugs: Frank, Charlie, Kayla, and Bella. Frank,my oldest and most protective, is also the one that will become aggressive if a strange male walks into our home. My partner's ex-husband, Nic, (the father to her two daughters) who was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer came to visit. When Nic came through the door, Frank never barked at him and didn't even show aggression. In fact, Frank stayed by his side the entire time of his week long visit. Frank would sit on his lap and sniff Nic's chest and when Nic would lie down, Frank would lie on the pillow next to him and rest is head up against Nic's head.

Nic has been gone for two years now and if you ask Frank where Nic is he will jump up on your lap and place his little pug nose against your forehead.

Shortly after Nic's death, I took frank to the nursing home where my partner works as a nurse. As soon as we walked through the front doors, he froze in fear. i couldn't force him to take another step. i picked him up and he shook in my arms.  Did he smell death?? I've tried several times to take him back there and he won't even go near the doors.

Personal log:  Posted Feb. 13, 2009
My most beloved pug boy, Odyssey, is turning another year older.  While this may not be something normally celebrated, today is cause for true happiness.

In December of 2006, Odyssey had a seizure.  I rushed him to the vet where they did X-Rays and discovered that he had a tumor in his spleen.  They opted to operate, telling me that it might be either a cyst or cancer.  Three years ago (as of Jan. 16) Odyssey was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He was given 6 months to live.

I still remember the vet telling me that chemo was an option and that it didn't hurt animals.  I went home (I think Mom had to drive me home as I was so upset) and started to do research.  I learned that chemo puts animals in GI distress -- bloody bowels, among other things -- and refused to do that.  Additionally, the type of cancer he was diagnosed with was HSA, the second deadliest form of cancer after bone cancer in canines, and there was no cure.  Chemo might extend his life by a month
or two.

If Odyssey had that short a life to live then I wanted him to be happy.  I chose to go a holistic path for treatment.  I remember the vet looking at me like I was crazy, but Odyssey was my pug and that was
my decision. After starting the treatments, which were mostly vitamins and herbal tonics, I also was invited to a Buddhist healing ceremony by one of my guest speakers.  I teach a comparative course in the World Religions and identify with many religious paths, though I find the intellectual
and mental pathway of Buddhism fascinating. Unlike other religions, Buddhism also places value upon animals and they were fine that I would be there for a blessing for my pug. I decided to go.  I sat in the back of the service, though I had brought with me Odyssey's vitamins for blessing and a statue of Buddha that I had, I expected little more to happen.  Was I in for a surprise.

Though I was in the back, literally sitting against a wall, and quite cold as I was in the draft of the a/c (the women next to me were pulling on shawls), I felt myself heating up as I did the chanting and
participated in the service.  I was so warm that at one point I closed my eyes and envisioned blue flames.  This was pretty upsetting to me because as a paranormalist who has studied spontaneous human combustion, people who witnessed cases of this saw blue flames consuming the individual!  I remember thinking to myself NOT to combust (and trying to figure out how I would as many cases involve women, true, but usually older, heavier set, and heavy drinkers -- I do not touch the stuff at all).  Plus, how embarrassing that would have been to burst into flames....(strange the things we think of, eh?)

As I sat there feeling this intense heat, I also felt it condensing into a pressure central to my head.  The thought dawned on me that I was being blessed.  I realized that I was not sweating, though so warm, and this was an energizing feeling. I discovered after the service that the Buddha of healing in the Vajrayana tradition is symbolized by blue light.  I was amazed.

Mom says that she thinks the lab made a mistake (though 3 years ago I asked, twice, that question.  This vet told me that there was no mistake).  Another acquaintance, much to my surprise, told me that it was the devil I was feeling (I never realized her fundamental Christian nature as she was a
fellow artist of what appeared to be fairly liberal views).  Despite this, my faith in the event remains unshaken. If this happened often, that would be one thing.  I have never experienced this before or since for anybody or in any other religious observation I've attended/participated in.

Odyssey continued on his treatment for 2 1/2 years.  The cancer showed no signs of returning.  On the first anniversary of his cancer announcement I had Odyssey's photograph professionally taken.  The second we had a party. This year seemed a bit more uncertain as he had a tumor that grew in
him. It was, I was certain, his last year and that the cancer was back.  I had gone to one more Buddhist  healing service on his behalf and my hands and feet warmed up, but I did not have the same experience.  Two vets -- the holistic and his new "regular" vet -- could not diagnose this fast growing tumor.  I took him in to see a specialist.  She couldn't either, but opted for exploratory surgery.  I really debated this, but Odyssey was not ready to go.  (I feel certain that he will tell me when it is time).  His blood work showed good results.  And this thing had to go. For the tidy sum of $1800 (OUCH -- a HUGE amount of money for me and more than what I pay for a PhD course) -- I agreed to the surgery.

The tumor was this strange mass of undiagnosable materials the size of a cantaloupe.  It had multiple shades of color, texture, and density.  It had bumped into the liver and attached a small part of itself there,but was easily removed.  The tumor was NOT cancer, as I had feared. The vet has no idea what it is but is guessing that it may be a small bit of infected tissue from the original surgery that eventuallydeveloped into a small tumor.  This thing was the result.

So, for Odyssey to reach 13 *IS* a miracle.  He has beaten the odds. onight, he goes in for a paranormal investigation at a haunted business (it's pet friendly and we've both been there before, so it is safe).  I will likely make a cake for him for the start of the investigation so that all of the SPIRITS members can have a little part in celebrating this miracle.  I can't believe he is 13, and on Friday the 13th.  That's my boy!

Note:  Odyssey, in true pug style, found the business kitchen!  It was too funny to see him pawing at the 'fridge.  He did have some minor reactions to what was going on around him, but the case is still pending a recheck.
Submitted May 12, 2009:

Images taken at a home of pugs and foster pets -- many with orbs. From the sender:

Best of luck this w/e. I'll be adding more pics to this album as I come
across them in my picture taking. My main photo site is Flickr incase you
ever want to browse our home or it's residents.
Story submitted 1/29/11.  Posted with permission.

Hi, I have a pug and a siamese.  My name Is Helen, the pug is mine the siamese is my partner Lynn's.  It's been very interesting lately with both of the.  They are best of friend, Xena and Gabrielle.  Xena is my pug.  I am a practicing Druid.  I have been working with my path a lot
more lately as I am working towards being clergy.  I began to make an altar.  Its an ongoing project but I had finished for the time being a few nights ago.  I did a ritual, laid down, and within 10 minutes Xena started going into a low guttural growling.  This has now happened several times when I consecrate my house nightly, or when I am studying during the day.  Xena will react to something that is not there.  It is like some one is trying to come in the door and Xena
runs o the door.  I look and there is nothing there.  Not a human or animal in sight.  Then Gabrielle,had a weird encounter.  I strung blue lights around the edge of my altar to create an otherworldly effect. I hadnt't turned them on but Gabby went in the room and creid for over an hour.  I took item by item out of the case.  Seeing illustrations of Brighid and Morrighan calmed her but she would start crying again. Finally the last thing I did was remove the string of lights and she immeadiately stopped crying.  There are quite a few incidents like this dealing with both the pug and siamese, so I believe that they are sensative, and feel it is a way my matrons communicate with me.
Bright blessings, Helen

Submitted May 30, 2013:   Posted with permission.

During Babe's last year I kept a mop bucket handy. She had CHF and Lasix was one of her drugs. When she had to go...she had to go now. I'd long abandoned taking her outside and just put down a pee pad in the kitchen for her. She tried her best to make it from my office all the way to the kitchen, but sometimes she was just too tired and she'd stop in front of the fireplace and let go. There was also another place in the kitchen she'd go if she got that far and couldn't get to her pad. It didn't bother me, I just mopped up behind her, and gated her to the kitchen if I had to leave to protect the hardwoods. A couple days after I had to let her go, I washed out the mop bucket and put it away. Later that evening, I was heading to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee and there was this puddle right where Babe used to go. It was still just a couple days from her death and that's the time it hasn't fully registered. I reached for the mop bucket and it wasn't there...and I remembered. I knocked on my roommate's door and asked him if he'd by chance spilled something in the living room. He said he hadn't been in the living room. I decided then that I must have sloshed out some coffee or something and headed back to mop it up. As I was mopping, it dawned on me that this was clear liquid...and I drink coffee with CREAM! I said aloud, "Babe if that's you, you KNOW this is not supposed to happen!" The next day, I was in the kitchen and found another clear puddle right where Babe used to go if she made it past the fireplace. Again, I asked the roomy...and he's getting a little agitated by now and yelled at me wondering why I was "accusing him of all these messes." I made him come look at that puddle and told him I wasn't was just that "weird shi* happens. when somebody dies around here!" 

 And then...there was the night when Babe and Minnie Pearl jumped up like someone was at the door. They stopped about six feet from the door looking up, wagging tails like there was somebody they knew standing there (but there was no-one). I stopped too because I didn't want to break their attention to that moment. It went on for a full 60 seconds and I was in awe...then the blasted phone rang. So what do you think? Are my loved ones trying to tell me they're ok?

Submissions:  11/15/14
Submitted with permission by RB

Something really weird happened to me at work yesterday. My boss and his wife were out all day and I was alone in the office for the full day. We have caller I.D. on our phones, and sometimes a number will come up, and sometimes only a name will come up. So, you know about the fact that I had to have my little Joey pug put down this week, right? That was on Tuesday. Yesterday, kind of late in the day, I was at my desk, the phone rang. On the caller I.D. came up "JOEV", As soon as I saw it, I felt like a bolt of electricity went through my body. No phone number, just JOEV. I picked up the phone and answered "Law Office", and there was nobody there. I said "Hello?" again.... nobody was there. Obviously, Joey's name has a "Y" on the end, but this came up with a "V" instead, but a V is pretty close to a Y. I know this sounds insane, but I actually sat there for a second and thought.... "do they allow dogs to make a phone call to their owner from Heaven?" I just felt like that was my little baby doll trying to let me know... "I'm ok, Mama." I know that sounds like I'm a real wacko. But....

"Purple Pug"

Greetings, I just had a dream today that included first one purple pug placed on a doric or corinthian tall pedestal with a rectangular surface ; that I felt akin to or it was some form of me; then a young male assistant involved in the clean up clutter from the circumstances of the dream, reached across the room into the ethers to grab a male version of the purple pug. Thereupon, placing that one next the first purple pug on the pedestal. I might have felt some other way about that at first. They,the pugs, were the purity out of all the fray.
My question is what's up with purple pugs ?
The fact that a pug came to me is interesting tho farfetch. I did have a dog that I can remember when still a toddler. He was my first love. My dad brought him home one day probaly to protect his new family and property on the southside of Chicago. I was their only child at the time. My dog was named Slick because he was sooo smart. Slick understood me so well, I knew it! He was a big dog. A wheat colored German shepherd. My mom was not fond of Slick and one day he was gone. I inquired for 10 years to both my parents on various occasions, "What happened to Slick?"
So, having a pug show up this time in an odd tho meaningfull color has me reaching out to investigate. Thanks for your site.

Pugs on film
Submitted Sept. 6, 2015

I follow Pugdogs-L and saw you recent missive. Very interesting webpages you have!

I have pugs and lost three in a relatively short span. Unfortunately for me, one lost very suddenly was my "shadow", Gifford. He was a rescue and very tightly bonded to me, and vice versa. He became ill, went to emergency vet was declared OK and sent to my regular vet for overnight observation. The next morning I went in when they opened and was informed he was gone. Devastating doesn't begin to describe my emotions.

Shortly thereafter, his older "sister" Mollie passed on. She had been our first pug. This was followed by Judy, who went in for a well dog check and was diagnosed with kidney failure. She left within 2 weeks.

Anyhow, it still hurts to this day to relive those moments.

My security camera captured these images. While low resolution and not very good at night, the camera isn't prone to artifacts. I have provided the series of the same frame, where I zoom in and crudely outline what I saw. Perhaps it is wishful thinking but *I* see images of two pugs - a reassurance...I don't know?

They haven't reappeared since that night.

At any rate I thought I'd pass them along.



Submitted Sept. 6, 10`54

Submitted 10/16/15

 Lady the Pug

Lady, who was a pug rescue, came into our lives in 2007. She was crippled by arthritis in her hips and so was not able to walk well. She was often carried from place to place in the house because of this. Since she did not walk much, sometimes her nails would get a little longish. When that happened, they would catch just a tiny bit on the berber carpet in the den as she walked from her bed beside my chair to the kitchen. She also had a habit of getting out of her bed to lie on the Sunday paper that would be beside my chair.

Lady passed away on 8/8/15 in her bed on the floor next to me. Since then there have been some things that have happened that make us think she is not far away. In the den, the AC and overhead fan are always on. Twice the Sunday paper has been seen to move, a corner of it lifting up and then settling down. The corner that moves is facing away from the fan and the AC vent and there are no drafts to explain the movement. Recently when I was sitting in my chair reading, I heard the unmistakable sound of her little nails catching ever so slightly in the rug for 4 or 5 steps which would have put her right at the entrance to the kitchen. She would often stop there and lie down, watching my son as he was on the computer in the back room for a few minutes before getting up to go out to him.

Neither Eddie or I have seen her or any movement other than described above.

Submitted March 12, 2017:
I had a gorgeous pug named Tugs Leeann Tutu unfortunately at 17 yrs old she developed congestive heart failure we were very attached she had a beautiful soul after her passing naturally I was devastated she had been my everything for so many years but three days after her death I had just gotten out of the shower and I was in the garage doing laundry and I could not stop crying I missed her immensely - she would always come to the door to hurry me out of the garage because she wasn't allowed out there - I felt her warm presence beckoning me to come to the living room with her of course I followed still crying but so happy she came to visit when I got to the living room I could really feel her presence but what shocked me the most is I had left the TV on just for company on a random channel but the music video that was on let me know she was okay and that I'd see her again. I would normally never watch anything like this but it painted a picture in my mind of the afterlife and how wonderful it may be and I have my wonderful little pug baby to thank for it.

Here is the youtube link to the video