Lil' Bit and the Spectral Visitor

I do have one story of my pug and a ghost in the house we live in.  To make it short:  My Lil' Bit (now deceased) was the first to sense this.  There is a corner of the kitchen where she used to just stare and all of a sudden the hair on the back of her neck would stand up and then she would start to growl.  This happened more than once.  We have mentioned it to our landlord and he said that there was an old man that burned up in the house.  It had to be torn down and rebuilt.  My husband and my daughter have both seen this little old man.  He had a torn up cowboy hat and whiskers.  The pug we have now, Buttons, does the same that my Lil' Bit did.  Our bulldog, Mr. Louie, also experienced this.  They both do the same thing, the hair stands up on the back of their necks and they start to growl, except for Mr. Louie: he barks.  At first it scared us, and we didn't know what to do, until we mentioned it to our landlord.  I, myself, have not seen this little old man, but three dogs can't go wrong.  -- Something to ponder...

Yolanda Langford <>
and Mr. Louie

Pugs and Hounds

I don't know if this qualifies, but it was weird.

Our pug, Poco, grew up with our other dog, Duesy, a blue tick hound who was a few years older. Duesy's time to go finally came, and we took her in to the vet, keeping her company as she slipped away.

It was not a happy day. And to make it worse, that night I sat on the living room couch with my wife and Poco watching the only thing we could find on television: "Turner and Hooch."

Poco was sound asleep when the scene came on where Hooch passes away on the vet's operating table. It was hard enough for me and my wife to watch but Poco bolted up, wide awake, and starting barking like someone had come into the house.

Some day I'll have to pass on the story of "Poco the Earthquake Detector."

Brian Sawert

Rainbow Bridge

Part I:

My pug, Rainbow (BoBo for short) became very sick.  My family and I took him to the vet that night, around 7 p.m.  None of us had any idea how sick he was, nor that, in actuality, he was dying.  Since I fully expected to see him the next day, I didn't give him a "final good-bye."

That night I fell asleep on the couch.  I woke up with a start, and looked at the clock.  It was 2:30 a.m.  I was confused, and for a moment it didn't immediately register that Rainbow was at the vet.  I looked around for him, then remembered where he was.  There were just the three pugs (I often refer tot hem as the "3 amigos").  I got up and went to bed for the rest of the night.  

The next morning the vet called to tell me BoBo had died 2:30 that morning.  This was the precise time I woke up and started looking for him.

Part II:
I have what I think a great story.

We lost my beloved Rainbow this past November to acute narcotizing pancreatitis---I was (and still am to a degree) an absolute wreck.

I was speaking to my breeder about BoBo and how I felt him with me since his death.

I'm not sure exactly how the conversation went at this point, but the screen door started opening and closing--I thought this was bizarre, as it wasn't too windy.  This did not phase my other dogs, the 3 amigos.  My breeder suggested that I go outside and invite BoBo to come into the house and that sometimes spirits need to be invited in. I ended the call and went outside and invited him in.  I left the door open while I spoke with him.

When I came back in and shut the door behind me, the 3 amigos went nuts.  They all started sniffing and crying and running around in circles.  They started whimpering and squeaking.  I'm convinced that all of us felt his presence.

Amy and the Fab 5

Can some pugs love their owners so much that they come home after death?  I'd believe it.  BoBo at right.
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Updated August 18, 2001.
From: Geraldine Woodchill, phone interview.

When did your paranormal event happen?
Last Sunday morning, August 12, 2001.

Describe the event:
To understand this, you have to know the layout of my house.  I was in the living room, and I had a floor fan in the door to the hallway; it pulls in the cool air from down the hall.  Well, I happened to look up and I saw this dog walking from the fan, around to my right, and towards the kitchen.  

The image, or whatever it was, was like a wisp, a cloud, or like sheer cloth, and I just had a glimpse of whatever it was.  I thought that maybe it was a vision.

I couldn't see the entire dog, though I realized that the four pugs I have with me currently were all accounted for.  Two were lying next to me, one at my feet, and the other had flopped in front of the hall fan.  I also saw the rear quarters of this mysterious dog, and they were slender.  All of my pugs are rather fat, and these quarters were too slender to match any of mine.  Also, there were some fur patches, which none of my current pugs have.

I don't remember seeing the tail, but I knew from the size, height, and color that it was a pug.  I never did get a good look at the head or front of the dog.

It didn't look at me.  It just ambled on towards the kitchen, walking on for about 6 feet, then totally vanished.  It just disappeared.

Do you know who it is?
Though I have been showing pugs since the 1960s or 70s, I had one pug that I was very fond of named Poppy.  She had only one litter, and nearly died having them.  I have always had girl dogs, but she had 3 boys, and 1 girl, but the girl died.  Her son later brought me more show fame, later relocating in Japan, and I have one of HIS sons with me now.

Poppy was a good show dog, and she made me famous.  She was with me when I moved to Florida, but it was shortly after we arrived that she went blind and developed diabetes.  I gave her shots myself two times a day to keep the diabetes in check..  The day before she died, she urinated blood repeatedly.  I guess something must have broken inside of her.  I took her to the vet the next day, and she had to be put to sleep.  I was very torn up about it. 

I thought that maybe after she crossed the bridge, she got tired of waiting for me.  I thought she had come to lead me home!

However, I do know that whatever it was didn't come from the bedroom, nor was it a reflection, as there is nothing in the room that is capable of reflecting in that angle or for such a distance.

Under Investigation
Currently, this is being investigated to see if more can be fleshed out to this story.  Pugs are strange creatures who do mighty odd things at times!  However, the timing and the information currently known makes me wonder....

October, 2001:
This morning we took the pugs for a walk to go check out a house a friend of
ours was interested in buying. We live in a neighborhood called "the Fort
Grounds" which is on the site of the old Fort Sherman, which guarded the
mouth of the Spokane River once upon a time.

We walked down a little street that is original to the fort -- it lines up
with two stone pillars leading into the city park that were part of the
actual fort. As we crossed the street towards the pillars, Boomer stopped
dead in the middle of the street (facing east)! He would NOT keep walking
for anything, and I didn't want to drag him by his leash, so I picked him up
and carried him over to the park. Then he was fine for the rest of the walk.

Coming back, we reversed our path, and Marley stopped dead in the middle of
the same street at the same place Boomer stopped (she was facing west)! She
wouldn't come, so Tim got the honors and picked her up and carried her

It was the weirdest thing. Neither pug was sniffing anything, they just
stopped and stood there stubbornly. We go that way regularly, and neither
one has _ever_ done this before.


Brandy:  My questions to clarify this case:

Hmm, what state are you located in?  Do you have the full, formal name of
 the fort?  Have you don a check of the area?  I hate to say this, but pugs
 are rather strange creatures sometimes.  I'd be interested in seeing if
 anyone else reported paranromal activity in the area.  If so, may I use
 your e-mail as part of my Paranormal Pugs Page???

LOL! Pugs are rather strange creatures all the time. :-) I just found it odd
what my two did -- even Tim noticed it. I'm in Northern Idaho.
Well, THIS is interesting, I did not know the fort had a different name at
Camp Coeur d'Alene was established in 1878 at the headwaters of the Spokane
River. Later its name was changed to Fort Sherman to honor Gen. William
Tecumseh Sherman, who selected the site. Fort Sherman was the beginning of a
pioneer village that became the city of Coeur d'Alene; many of Coeur
d'Alene's early settlers were soldiers at the fort and named such places as
Fernan, Hayden, and Best. In 1898, the entire Fort Sherman garrison was sent
to fight in the Spanish­American War. The post was officially abandoned in
1901. Today, North Idaho College sits on part of the original grounds, as
well as City Park. The first sawmill in the Coeur d'Alenes was built by the
military at Fort Sherman.

The neighborhood we live in was built right after the fort was abandoned and
platted for residential lots. In fact, we live about a block away from the
fort's original little chapel that has been restored and is used for
weddings. Our house was built in 1907.


 Jake & Co.
 by C. McKelvey
   We all know pugdogs are special, but if you ever wondered why your baby is
  staring at a certain spot all the time, it could mean more than "I'm bored."
  I learned THAT after I turned a series of apparent coincidences into
  connections. My baby, a black pug named Jake, was visiting (still does!)
  with my late father.  And I have the pictures to prove it! In fact, I'd like
  to believe Dad brought his favorite NASCAR driver w/him...
  A few years ago, Jake began doing some rather un-nerving things.  Sleeping
  soundly beside me, he would suddenly jump up, do a swan dive off the sofa
  and bark wildly at the ceiling or the door!  Of course there was noone
  there.  Or so I thought!  He then would lie down on the floor in front of me
  just....... staring, but not AT me, over my head or at the ceiling.
  Finally, after attempting to explain to friends or family who would witness
  this occurrence, that maybe Jake's vision was a little off and he really was
  looking at them or me, it dawned on me! These things always happened on
  occasions when my Dad would have been here, celebrations like my birthday,     his birthday, holidays and even jake's surgery.  My Dad loved Jake!
  At the suggestion of my best friend, I soon began to take pictures with my
  digital camera when Jakey alerted me.  AND to my surprise, there were
  "Orbs" on these pictures, usually near or on Jake!  After speaking to
  several members of a Paranormal group, I found out Jake and I didn't have to
  spend the rest of our lives in a "looney bin".  This was not uncommon for
  these things to occur under the circumstances.
  I will attach pictures of my baby and my <cough> Dad and you can see for
  yourself.  I will also send along a picture of what we feel was the night
  Dad brought a friend.  I suspect it had something to do with the racecar
  driver he loved and we lost.  (Added 12.30.01)

Story and picture by Jon McClintock.
Posted on  To read more ghost hunting adventures by Jon and his group, please check this site out!  Also, to learn more about a harrowing 12-day pug romp (perhaps even scarier than the pug ghost tales!) see Jon's site at:  Story reprinted with permission from Jon.
             Mika is a young purebred Finnish Pugdog (some think pugs look like small
             bulldogs) owned by Jon and Marty McClintock. He's fawn and black and has two
             brothers Keedoo and Bubba who have yet to show an interest in the paranormal.

             Mika has always been the "sentry" of the three, but only revealed his newest talent
             recently when paranormal researchers Al and Joann Brindza visited the
             McClintock's in rural Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

             Al has proven to be something of a "ghost magnet" during investigations and can
             direct a person where to point a camera and find an orb or other artifact. While
             most of us need to use EMF meters and thermal scanners to help us find an
             entity, Al can sense when there may be something paranormal in the area.

             During a late summer 2001 visit, the tables turned. With no warning or apparent
             provocation, Mika became very agitated and barked in Jo's direction. Then he
             practically lunged at her, climbing up her side and pulling at one ear. The outburst
             was so out of character that Jon reached for his digital camera to capture the

             The end result (that couldn't be duplicated a moment later) is this photo showing
             two orbs hovering above Jo - and two areas of haze that could be ecto, both near
             the ceiling and orbs. One, to the right, appears to be a "streamer" that comes from
             the direction of a spot where an old family tragedy occurred. Ever since, Jo and
             Mika have shared new psychic bragging rights! (Added 12.30.01)

Jake, a black pug, is photographed with orbs.  Orbs are common forms of spectral manifestation on film.  Some believe that orbs are the energies of ghosts captured in their most condensed form.
Note the additional light in Jake's left eye.  Is that another ghost, or part of Jake's natural sparkle?
Mika and friend, as the incident occurred.  Note the orbs and mist above both of them.  This is a fantastic shot,and one that shows me that at least some of our puggy pals DO have psi potential!
Odyssey Stark and Granny Chu visit the Florida Keys
By Brandy Stark

OK, well, admittedly the last part of 2001 has been tough on the Stark household.  A constant array of car problems, pug health issues, job changes, and other fun-filled events have taken much time and energy.  As the holidays approached, it was time to take a break.

I  talked Mom into going with me on a trip to the Florida Keys.  As she does not believe in ghosts, at least without empiracle proof, we agreed to stay in a haunted bed and breakfast.  If anything happened she would believe.  

We chose to go to the Red Rooster, located in Key West.  It's a lovely place, quiet, near downtown and the shopping district, with caring and friendly staff.  Because of our work in Pug Rescue  and the members of our pug pack, we had hired a pet sitter to stay with the babies.  However, two pugs went with us:  Granny Chu and Odyssey.  

Granny Chu is 12 and 1/2 years old.  At such an age, she can be a bit cantankerous and moody.  We feared for the safety of our pet-sitter with her.  :)  

Odyssey had an eye ulcer rupture earlier this year in his left eye.  I rushed him to the vet and, due to his relatively young age, opted to try and save the eye.  The initial surgery seemed successful, but the eye was twice the size of a normal pug eye, and was blind.  The day of the trip, I woke up to Ody's eye being bruised and even more swollen -- he had somehow hit his eye the night before.  In a panic, I rushed him back to the vet, who gave him antibiotics, pain pills, and an anti-inflammatory shot.  Ody was in good spirits, and seemed to be fine.  However, due to the amount of work his eye would be, Mom and I decided to take him with us.  

So, two humans and two pugs made the long trek from St. Petersburg to the Florida Keys, a 7 - 8 hour drive by car.  The pugs truly enjoyed themselves.  Of course, each pug had a human lap which he or she sat in the ENTIRE car ride.  They were, to my surprise, well behaved and easy to travel with. 

Anyway, after arrival at the Red Rooster, we checked in. The clerk told us we were in the most haunted room (or what she felt was the most haunted room) of the hotel -- room 18.  It was a nice quiet room, off to the side, and pet friendly.  PERFECT.

Local legend has it that in the early part of the century a woman made a deathbed confession that she killed her husband and buried him under the front porch of her home (which later became the Red Rooster).  The porch was torn apart but no body found; the man's fate remains a mystery.  Room 18 is to the side of the porch, but may have been the room where a later guest saw the ghost of a sad older man, who seemed confused about where he was and what was going on around him.

While little seemed to happen while we were there (to my utter disappointment), there were a few oddities.  For one, the first night we arrived, Mom, who was beat from the drive, went to sleep with her Granny Chu.  I stayed up, unpacking and pulling out the ghost hunting equipment I brought with me.  An initial scan of the room showed me a few things:  unusual EMF in the area of the dresser and into the bathroom.  I found several sockets, but part of the area of EMF (electromagnetic energy, which ghosts give off) ranged over the bed (where there were no electronics, sockets, etc.) and into the bathroom (on a wall without any noticeable plugs, wires, switches, etc.).  Odyssey, who was sitting on my half of the bed (where there was an EMF reading) stayed up with me, watching me taking photos of the room and making notes.

After the inital scan of the room, I sat down to work on some reading.  I looked over to check on Odyssey.  He was lying on the end of the bed, head raised and staring into one corner of the room.  I saw that he seemed to be watching something intently. 

In that area was the dresser and the TV -- which was turned off.  It was also an area where the EMF was registering, though at more consistent readings.  I went over and felt nothing unusual.  I watched Odyssey a moment more; his gaze did seem to range to the dark TV screen.  However, Odyssey, an apartment pug, is exposed to my TV.  He pays little attention to it on or off (he's pretty smart about that).  He has seen his own reflection (I held him often in front of the mirror as a puppy, and continue to have special moments with him where we stand in front of the mirror and he can look at himself).  He does not seem fascinated with his image, accepting it as his own.  And that did not account for his eye movement, which seemed to encompass the whole corner of the room.  I watched the TV screen, too, and saw nothing in it moving.  No lights, Mom was asleep and had not moved, and Granny Chu was sawing logs.  

The EMF readings remained consistent in the corner.  But, while I stood holding EMF meter in one hand, making notes on a pad of paper balanced in my arms, I saw the EMF register flicker.  The EMF dimmed, then came back.  I stood still.  My arm was steady, EMF meter at ready.  It happened again.  

That was about it, though.  No cold drafts, no further unusual readings.  I spoke with the owner, who could give me little information about the wiring of the bed and breakfast, nor the source of the unusual EMF.  No electrical wires or panels were in that area that he knew of.

Odyssey did not take an interest in the area for the remainder of our trip.  

The next morning, however, I woke up briefly around 5 a.m., then fell back to sleep.  I had two very vivid dreams that Mom and I were awake and in our room when objects began to move around.  Both dreams focused on the bathroom area, whose door is right next to the mysterious dresser and tv.  In the first dream, objects were flying around and out of the bathroom.  In the second dream, Mom and I went into the bathroom where I was showing her the EMF readings.  Mom had hung a blouse in the shower.  As we stood there, the blouse started to move, and invisible hands pressed into the material.  (In real life, Mom had hung nothing in the bathroom.  It was, sadly, only a dream).

Also, for the next several days, the TV set acted up whenever I was in the room.  The screen would suddenly surge and flip, as if hit by energy from a passing magnet.  Mom complained that this happened only when I was in the room, never when she watched TV alone.  For example, one afternoon, she wanted to rest after an afternoon of walking.  Returning to the hotel room, she watched a mystery on TV while I finished my last stop to see Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. 

Curiosity satisfied, I came back to the hotel towards the end of the program, and sat on the bed to finish out the show with her.  The surges came back with me.  I had no equipment on me, nothing to cause electromagnetic energy, nor did I turn anything on or off.

So far, the digital photos I took of the room have revealed little.  My 35 mm film has yet to be developed.  Further research showed that most ghostly activity takes place in October in the hotel, not in December when we stayed.  Nothing moved, there were no feelings of eerieness.

But, that first night, could some form of spectral being come to check out the temporary inhabitants of room 18?  Or was Odyssey simply fascinated with the surroundings for some reason known only to his pug mind?  Perhaps further research, and another trip to the Keys, will be needed.

This is the area in question.  The bathroom door is next to the dresser.  This corner gave off a lot of EMF, including over the bed.  Level 2 is considered "potential" for ghostly activity using my ELF meter.
4.3.02:  A PPP reader submitted the exerpt to far left:  he enlarged the area by the lamp shade and found an ORB!
Flower Power

Pug owner and Tampa Bay Pug Rescue Coordinator, Sue, has her own story about a special type of visit from a loved one.  Though it is not directly involved with pugs, her pugs were present during the "discovery":

I had to share my own personal "ghost story" although I really don't think of her as a "ghost".  At any rate, every year my Mom visits me on Christmas in the form of a blooming purple flower (purple being her favorite color). 

Yesterday morning, (12/25/01), I looked at all my flowers to find her.  I found nothing.  There were not even any blooms even on the plant that bloomed last year.  (Florida has a year-round blooming season. -ed.).

I was disappointed.  I ended up saying aloud, "Mom, you are going to visit me today, aren't you?"  

Then last night (12/25/01), as I was sitting on the patio talking to the last of our Christmas guests.  I glanced over at this straggly looking tree planted in a pot and, low and behold, I saw  three beautiful purple flowers.  This tree didn't even have very many leaves!  

I knew it:  there was my Mom!  I was so excited that I ran over and kissed each flower to let Mom know I knew she was there.  She was still there this morning so I called my sister in Chicago to tell her!  The girls were so excited too!  They really loved my Mom.  
That's my story ... hope you liked it.  
(Posted 1.16.02)

The Old Homestead
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 12:50:28 EST
From: Karen and Joe Rivera <Reikipugs@AOL.COM>

I went to your sight and saw the ghosts above the couch.  How exciting!  

We also have two ghosts that live in our house.  One is our young 6 month old black kitten who was killed by a German Shepherd around 10 years ago.  He was our Rowdy Roadster.  He lived every day like it would be his last.  It was like he knew he would die young.  

The other ghost is of a young women in her 20's who had committed suicide in the house.  Neither one of the ghosts seem to bother the pugs or our other cat.  Last March when we took the train to Florida, we hired someone to live with our pugs.  When we came back home she mentioned seeing the ghosts of Rowdy and Charlotte.  She thought she was seeing things.  I am so used to them being here, so I guess I forgot to mention it to her.

Many years ago I had to give away some mirrors that Charlotte's spirit was inhabiting.  They were constantly snapping and crackling.  It would wake me up in the middle of the night.  The mirrors had been Charlotte's.

Brandy: Do your pugs react to the ghostly presence at all?  If so, how?  What are the common reactions?


I don't know if my pugs are reacting to the ghosts, but quite often they spring up out of a dead sleep and start barking and carrying on.  I constantly have to tell them to settle down and be quite.  Our German Shepherd just lies there and looks at them like they are nuts.

One of our old cats Walter who died a couple of years ago, used to play with the ghost of Rowdy Roadster.  It started right after Rowdy was killed. Walter would wake up, act like he was wrestling with something, look up in the air and leap after Rowdy.  Then the chase would begin around the house. It was very amusing to watch.  Who knows.  Maybe the pugs are chasing after Rowdy.

Karen and pugs, CA

Mystery Pictures and Staircases
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 14:23:04 -0500

I'm a (lurking) member of the PUGDOG list and have also checked out, with interest, your paranormal sites.  Though I live in upstate New York, the Tampa/St. Petersburg area is one of my FAVORITE places in the country, and if I could live there I'd be going along on your adventures whenever possible!  In the meantime, I keep up with your hunting expeditions via your web sites.  

In addition, I am involved in the local branch of pug rescue. In addition, I have three puggies of my own. 

I finally decided to write you and tell you about my more recent experiences with my house "guests" and the puggers.  I'm thinking now that they might have a little bit of 'intuition' I hadn't credited them with before.

 I must preface this by telling you, I have owned my house for over five years.  I always wished it were 'haunted', but never really believed it to be... until recently.  My current boyfriend, who has been staying with us for about six months now, is very 'intuitive' and has some very strong abilities in the spiritual/paranormal realm. He feels that my constant questioning, searching, reading, inviting, had opened certain 'gates', and when he first began coming around the house, found that it was rather 'infested' with entities... some of which he felt were a little on the malevolent side.

 Strange things did start to happen, prompting me to talk with my neighbor (the local
 historian) about the history of my home and the original owners.  My house was built
 in 1935 and I bought it from the second owners.  The original owners were a husband and wife team of pharmacists who had no children living with them. The man had children from a first marriage, but they had none together.  

My boyfriend sensed that the man died in the house, on the stairwell.  The neighbor informed me that, indeed, the man had a heart attack on the stairs, fell down them, and later died of his injuries at the hospital.

On two occasions, I have heard what sounds like a large person falling down the stairs... this was also heard by an overnight guest once as well.  I also have a friend who believes she is 'sensitive.'  Her particular talents lie with precognitive dreams.  She told me that since I moved in that she also senses a "fog" on the stairs.

This woman lived in the house alone for many years after her husband died. My neighbor and her husband kind of looked after her for a time.  They were the ones who, alerted by the mailman that her mail was piling up, discovered her unconscious on another stairwell in the house leading down to the basement (a separate stairwell from the one her husband fell on).  She was taken to the hospital and never returned to the house.  She died in 1991 or so, in a nursing home.

The woman was supposedly very sweet and soft-spoken, and my boyfriend feels that she now follows me around.  Whenever I go near him, he will shudder, saying she goes 'through him'.  

After we found this out, my boyfriend took the advice of some spiritualists and lit a seven-day white candle, which he placed near the door to guide the spirits to "the way out." He also, on their advice, sprinkled salt outside all the ground level entrances and windows.

Instead of helping, this seemed to create an atmosphere of anger.  Strange things started to happen in the house.  

During the time the 7-day candle burned, my boyfriend had an intense fear of going into the basement.  As he is a man who fears little, I had to laugh at him, for I had been there years, and could go down the basement any hour day or night with no problem.  

Well, late one night a circuit blew and I went down to the electric box in the basement to flip the breaker.  On the way down the stairs, which happened to be the ones where the wife was found shortly before she died, I tripped and broke my toe.  I gave up on the breaker that night.

The next day, my boyfriend and I went down to check the electrical situation.  (The basement, it seemed, was less threatening during the daylight).  While poking around, we found a bunch of old photo negatives stuffed up in rafters, which I later scanned and printed and took to my neighbor.  She identified the owners in several of the pictures.  As soon as my boyfriend saw the picture of Leah, he said that was the woman he'd seen/felt... he also recognized the husband as "the guy that died on the stairs".

 A day after finding the negatives and fixing the electrical problem, we discovered that my basement had inexplicably become infested with fleas.  The puggies NEVER go in the basement, as that is where I keep the kitty litter and the cat's food.  The cat would go down there but not to hang out.  We tried four times to do flea bombs in the house and each time the fleas came back stronger and meaner.  Finally, I called an exterminator who came and sprayed.  Within four days, the fleas were back with a vengeance and I had the exterminator come back.  He came out of the basement scratching his head and looking more than a little pale.  He couldn't understand why they were not gone, but sprayed again for us.  My boyfriend jokingly mentioned that the house was haunted.  The exterminator said, "you said it, not me" and left as quickly as he could, obviously not amused. 

Another day, my boyfriend was alone in the house working on my hardwood floors, filling in a floor register that wasn't being used, and he had let the puggies out in the (fenced and gated) back yard.  He said that he got a weird feeling and looked up, seeing a vision of a woman.  He shook his head, to clear it away, and went back to what he was doing.  Next thing he knew, a door slammed next to him, for no reason (no breeze or anything blowing through), and he was suddenly overcome with the need to check on the dogs.  Well somehow, the gate had gotten unlatched and two of them had wandered out.  Panicked, he ran out front and was able to find them and get them back home, unharmed.  He felt that Leah had gotten his attention, as she was looking out for the puggies.  

Later that same day, after I got home from work, the power went out.  I was standing in the dining room (next to the seven day candle that was still burning) and calling the power company from my cell phone, when the phone just flew out of my hand and across the room.  My boyfriend said that he saw the husband behind me, and the husband knocked the phone out of my hand.

That evening, the seven day candle burned out, and the next day when we checked the basement, our flea problem was finally gone. Most of the strange events of that period have stopped, with the exception of his feeling that Leah remains with us/me.  

Occasionally there are lights turned on, the television will turn on or off by itself, or we will hear sounds, or see glimpses of shadows, but things are pretty much quiet now.  

One of my puggies, Bobby, seems to be particularly sensitive and will often run to the basement steps, for no obvious reason, and just stand there listening, almost if someone has called him.  He does this quite often, and it's just as if he's being summoned.  My black female pug will sometimes bark at thin air, but not like she is particularly upset.  My elder rescue male will go through times where he is afraid to go in my bedroom, and other times when he refuses to be left alone downstairs in the living room.  In his former home, this poor fellow was abused/neglected by a male owner, leaving him apprehensive of men.  My believes that the pug may see the husband's ghost from time to time which is what causes the intense fear. 

What do I think?  Well, I have to say, things were pretty weird for awhile there, and I have no other explanation for those events.  I definitely think that who or whatever is around the house now, it means us no harm and seems to have a genuine concern for the puggies, so is more than welcome to stay in my opinion.  


Brandy -
The story does seem to be continuing too... we burn those seven day candles often, but my last one burned out about a week ago, and I didn't go out and get more.  Well, last night Dan and I were lounging in the living room with the pugsters and there were spirits dashing around the dining room.  All the pugs and the cat were with me on the couch, so the noises I heard were definitely not from them.  Dan matter-of-factly said the spirits were passing through and we need to get another candle. 


Could these be one of the spirits who inhabits Kathi's home?  These were developed from the negatives described in the above story.   Disclaimer:  As I understand it, these are the property of Kathi, who has opted to share these with her story.  I have posted them without names (I was not given that information), specified location, etc. 
Pug Ghost Photo?
 This image was sent to me by a pug owner, identified as "J".  Background on
 the image:  "J" went to view the sunset at a lake shore local to her area.  An amateur photographer, and inspired by the view, she took  a series of four pictures with a digital camera. All of the images were taken in seconds of one another. 

In "J"'s own words, "This was a simple quick digital pictures because it was a beautiful sunsetI didn't even go down there with that purpose [to take a picture of the sunset] in mind.  But, I had my camera with me, and like they say, it was a Kodak moment."

The day was cold and windy, but not enough so to create condensation of breath.  "J" notes she felt no sand blowing, and would have put away her camera had sand been airborne to protect it. Downloading the image on the computer, she saw an unusual form on one picture.  "J" has taken many pictures of the area, but has never gotten abnormal images. Before going any further, please view the photograph.  What do you see? 

Additional background on the image and "J":  "J" had a pug that died 4 months ago.  Her mother died 2 weeks ago.  "J" helped both her mother and her pug, relaying to both that when the time came, it was okay to go to the other side.  "J" has shown her image to others, who see the form of a woman carrying a pug.  It is "J"'s thought, and hope, that her mother is the woman, and the pug her recently departed pet.  Her mother knew her love of photographs and may have been coming to assure "J" that all was OK with both her and the pug. 

 Do you believe that this is what the image represents?  Is it a camera malfunction?  A natural occurrence, or a supernatural visit?  Please post your opinion to the guest book provided. 

From the Site Mistress:  4.3.02:  I had a ghost hunt done of my home with the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg, a local ghost investigation team of whom I am a member.  We did find evidence of a potential haunting....for more about that, please log onto the SPIRITS website.
Ghost hunting help: Can you feel the excitement?
Odyssey (on pillow), Jasper, Patrick, Iliad (on floor).

However, the day after the ghost hunt, another strange thing happened which the pugs MIGHT have been involved in:

Brandy, post ghost hunt:  At approximately 10:24 this morning, the pugs started to whine. I thought it might be because they were on the deck as I worked in the house, and they were bored. I got up to give them some bread (distraction).  As I went out into the living room, I saw this floating wisp of smoke....very similar to incense.  I looked around, because it's 10:30, I have been home alone since 7:30 this morning, I do not burn incense often, and never in this part of the house, I had not burned any in the house for months.  I looked around, and there was NO incense burning.  The front window was open, but nothing was smoking, and the window let in a nice breeze.  This patch was about two inches wide, and floated IN PLACE for a moment, despite the breeze.  I looked away to find the incense, and check the window, and it was gone.  I got a chill (could just be me, though), and said, "If this is "you", (any potential entity) then where were you last night?  I only got some light orb images!  But, that's OK." I smiled and went out to give the pugs their bread, came back, no smoke.  The chair was reflecting some light, but I am certain this was a 3-D patch of smoke about 5 feet above the table, slightly in front of it (towards the TV!) Time:  10:24 (made note, still haven't walked, and need to do so before I eat!)

I called SPIRITS member Karen who told me that she had just had a similar experience with her cat, Angel, and she was writing it down just as I called.  (About 10:30 by my clock, 10:27 by hers).  As Karen worked on e-mail this morning, she noted her cat, who was sitting behind her on the chair, looked back and forth from window to wall.  Karen spoke to her, asking, "What do you see?  What is going on?" Angel did not look up at the voice.  She did look at her for the third question (How many are coming in?)  The cat looked a couple more times, then stopped.  No incident since then.

To contemplate this further, we must understand that pugs are 2000 years old as a breed, placing them back to the time of these wonderous people.  D. Felton, the author of  Haunted Greece and Rome:  Ghost Stories from Classical Antiquity sheds some light on these ideas:

*There is an almost universal belief that animals can sense spirits.  This includes dogs, horses, cats, and so on.  The most sensitive (or at least the most well written about) are dogs and horses [p. 6].

Pliny the Elder says that certain dogs can sense fauns (male nature spirits), while men cannot [p. 6]. Personal observation: This may perpetuate in the Islamic idea that barking dogs can sense the presence of jinn (Dr. M. Sultan, personal interview).

*Dogs were believed to be able to smell death (though with pugs' truncated noses, does this still hold true?)  They are connected to corpses in classical literature. [p. 6]  See:  Iliad, Odyssey, Jezebel's story in the Bible, etc.

*Theocritus states that dogs howl when Hekate, the crone goddess of crossroads, ghosts, and magic, approaches crossroads. Hekate is also accompanied by dogs in her travels. In one story, Hekate, who manifests as a giant carrying a torch and sword, appears one afternoon in the woods.  A lone hunter, Eucrates, is walking nearby and is warned of her approach by the sound of dogs barking, followed by an earthquake and thunder.  Hekate appears, accompanied by dogs "larger than Indian elephants" (the stuff pugs dream about!), opens a fissure in the earth and jumps in.  For a moment, Eucrates sees the ghost of his father among the dead in Hades (not Hell, but a form of afterlife), wearing the clothes in which he was buried [p. 33].

*For those wishing for stories relating more to the pug-sized pet, there is one story that comes from Lucian (Philopseudes).   In the story, the character Eucrates' dead wife manifests as a ghost.  She is unhappy because at her cremation, one sandal had been left out.  Thus, in the afterlife she was a shoe short.  As she discusses this with her husband, "that dammed little dog, the Maltese one, barked from under the couch, and she vanished at his bark" [p. 78].  Ah, the power of the tiny to overcome...but, Eucrates does find her missing sandal and burns it; thus he is troubled by the shade no more.

There are tales of the ghostly transformations of supernatural entities in the Western world.  Felton relates several tales of ghost-like beings who manifest as dogs.  One is a daimon, or negative spirit, who appeared as an old man.  Recognized for what he is, he is stoned by the townspeople.  When the stones are removed, they discover the body of a dog which "very much resembled a Molossian dog" (as reported by Flavius Philostratus in Life of Apollonius of Tyana). Another ghost described by Cleodemus in Philopseudes took on the form of a woman, then a cow, and finally a puppy.  Lastly, a story by Lucian and relayed in the Philopseudes conveys the adventures of satirized philosopher named Arignotos.   Arignotos is described in a comically heroic battle against a shape shifting ghost who changes into a dog, then a bull, and then a lion.  Fortunately, the this philosopher knew a magic word by which to subdue the ghost  (Felton, 83 – 84).     

*As an educator of religions, I have always appreciated the Hindu concept of the atman (soul).  The soul, it is believed, goes through endless cycles of life and death.  Animals as well as humans have souls; often time vegetarianism is encouraged as current animals may house the souls of former humans who did not quite make the grade.   Buddhism also believes in the rebirth of the subtle mind (anatman) -- the "gross mind" (that which makes us who we are) dies, but the core of the mind continues on.  Here, this essence of the mind is passed on from one life to the next.  In Mahayana belief, there are six realms into which one may be reborn:  the Gods, Demi-Gods, Humans (the only ones to achieve Buddha status come from this realm), animals, hungry ghosts, and the hells.  In a discussion with a local Buddhist monk, I learned that pampered pets are considered to be the souls of reincarnated individuals who are on the upper end of the "animal realm" of existence.  They are special souls who fall into the animal category but get extra perks for good karma (Kelsang Sanden, personal interview).

In his book How to Speak Dog:  Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication, Stanley Coren reveals two additionally interesting Eastern beliefs about dogs:

1)  In many dogs, different fur colors show up as spots near the eyes.  According to folk tradition, the dogs with the highest degree of psychic ability are "four-eyed dogs," which are light-colored dogs with a dark spot over each eye, or black dogs with light spots over each eye.  These dogs are supposed to have special psychic abilities, such as the ability to see demons, devils, or ghosts....(pg. 112)

As pugs come in two forms, black and fawn with black masks, could the pug masks (or lack thereof) obscure these "eye spots" or are they an extension of them?

2) The Lhasa Apso has a long association with the Buddhist monestaries.  There was a tradition of bringing this little dog into the room of  elderly priests.  It was believed that the dogs would serve as a temporary home for the soul of the holy man until he could be reincarnated in a new human body.  Because of this association with the souls of sanctified men, they were prized pets (pg. 121).

I will assume that the pug was not chosen simply because of the coldness of the climate in Tibet -- I don't think a pug would do well without a warm winter jacket and many snacks to carry through.  Perhaps the Lhasa Apso is tougher than that.  

Now that we have examined the background of dogs and ghosts, let us look at the role of pugs in history.  Several years ago, I did research on the breed and discovered that their only known historical functions are to be good companions to aristocracy, to serve as  foot warmers (no, I'm not kidding), and to attract fleas away from their human hosts by offering, perhaps, a tastier meal. Living in Florida, I can't fully vouch for much of that, though they are like little hot water bottles under the blankets on our occassionally cool winter nights.    

As a paranormal investigator (14 years and counting), I have had a few unusual experiences.  One of the most memorable happened here in my own home during August of 2000.  My beloved grandmother Louise died during the night, shortly after my mother left her bedside to come home to rest.  I had visited much earlier that day and was unnerved because of her coloring and because her mind already seemed to be in another world.  Two hours after her death, and four hours before I was notified about it, I was awaken with the overwhelming floral scent flowed all around me accompanied by such a sense of peace as I have never known before or since that moment.   I knew that she had died, and that she was OK.  The experience was so real, and so unusual, that I did not, and still do not, question it. Yet, for such a mind altering experience, my pugs, who sleep with me nightly and were present at the time, did not stir at all. Could it have been because she was a familiar presence?  That she was non-threatening and peaceful?  Or did they truly not sense her? 

It made me wonder.  Pugs are a rather artificial breed.  I cannot imagine them surviving well in the wild. (The term "feral pug" just does not sound right, does it?).  What if during the course of the pugs' evolution some of their supernatural sensing abilities were bred out of them?  Or, without the need to survive in the wild, could pugs have lost sensitivity to the paranormal?  

I will admit that I, myself, have one exception to this -- a pug named Odyssey.  He was diagnosed with terminal cancer three years ago and given 6 months to live.  I was devestated and, when invited, I went to a healing service on his behalf.  I had an amazing experience there -- something that was unexpected.  I felt as if I were filling up with heat and energy, and at one point I felt a pressure on my head, as if a hand had been placed there in blessing.  Mind you, I do not drink, drug, or even smoke.  I had eaten a normal meal at my own home, and this sanctuary was a safe place.  I sat in the back and planned to observe (it's the instructor in me).  To have the experience was beyond anything I had imagined.  Yet, Odyssey has beaten the odds.  His cancer has never shown again.  Even the vets are amazed.  A pug who was to die at 9 just turned 14 in 2010.

However, Odyssey has always been unusual -- a little more human than pug, and very intelligent.  Of my "fur children" he is something unique; he is also a part-time member of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg.   (Note:  We do not believe in animal experimentation.  Odyssey only attends investigations that are rechecks, where animals are allowed, and where it is already deemed safe -- naturally and supernaturally.  This limits him to approximately 1 - 2 investigations a year). Some of his stories appear here, and some are reported on the SPIRITS site.

To see what else is out there, I have compiled a list of pug stories, with pugs as ghosts or pugs' reactions to ghosts.  When I started this page I never dreamed that it would grow so, or have such an impact upon those who have read it. After four years, the stories have gained substantial numbers on this page.  If you have stories about pugs and ghosts, please EMAIL ME.  All stories printed on this site with permission of the "postees".  I respect the privacy of those who submit stories.  Those who wish their names and e-mail address to appear have requested it. 

Thank you for your time and support.  May love, peace, happiness, and pugs abound in your future!

Works cited: Coren, Stanley. How to Speak Dog:  Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication. New York, NY: Fireside Press,2001
Felton, D.  Haunted Greece and Rome:  Ghost Stories from Classical Antiquity.  Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1999.

Do Ghosts Like Dog Shows?
Here's the story that goes with the orb picture...I took the beach picture on a Thursday.  I didn't use
 the camera again until Saturday morning.  We were on a highway and I took a couple of pictures of the
 sun rise.  The pictures turned out fine...nothing unusual.  Then an hour later at a dog show, the camera wouldn't work.  The screen that shows what will be in the picture wouldn't light about 6 or so tries, only two pictures turned out with enough light to be able to see what's in the pictures.  In those two pictures, there are orbs.  I hadn't cleaned the lense beforehand.  Later that day, I changed the battery in case that was the problem.  I still hadn't cleaned the lense.  I was now getting normal pictures. 

The dog show was held in a pole barn kind of building; it did not feel was cool to the point of needing sweaters or something extra, but not coats.

Peek-a-BOO! (Doll by BestEver)
Paranormal Canine Research
How cool a job would this be to have?  It looks like others have tried with pugs...but the pug won out!....

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 22:47:06 -0400
From: Kady & Russell Harrington <>
Subject: Pugs & Ghosts

Hi Brandy
I was wandering about and stumbled on your Paranormal Pugs site and just
had to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I am part of Seven Paranormal
Research.  While we a research based organization, one of our secondary
and long term projects has been to see if it is possible to train a dog
to successfully work as a ghost siting dog.  It's been going on for
quiet some time, and we have had some nice successes with it.  It's
still a 'project in the works' of course :-)  While I currently use a
Rottweiler for my work,  and am training two other breeds, we haven't
used a Pug.  My husband has a love of a pug...he suggested we use him,
but Max is simply so silly and more interested in being loved by people
that he really didn't want to WORK at all *LOL*.   But we love him
anyway...he's been around for a very long time.
At any rate...I do indeed believe dogs can sense things paranormal way
anyway...he's been around for a very long time.
At any rate...I do indeed believe dogs can sense things paranormal way
beyond human ability.  Please stop by sometime and read our Can Dogs
Fund Ghosts article in our learning center!  I will be updating soon and
we'd love to exchange links with you...

Seven Paranormal Research

Saying "HI" to Old Friends
From:  Jan   10/07/02

Did you read my account of Jessi barking at something the other night?  Weird...sure looked like she was circling something...  I like to think it was Doodee coming back to visit, but then Jessi should recognize her.

Are there other signs of manifestation?

No, nothing else unusual except Jessi got up barking two nights in a she was looking at something.  But it was only once that she was on the floor, barking and then jumping back as if something was lunging at her, circling and barking, all the time looking eye level with herself...??

There are times when the pugs will appear to watch something/someone on the stairs coming from upstairs to the living room, or follow someone down the stairs...only we can't see anyone...

Actually, I think those times are cool.  I will say something like Doodee is here with us, or "Hey, Dad or Mom, let me know you are here!" :)  It doesn't scare me...


TWO ORBS  10.22.02

  I have an open mind regarding whether or not ghosts exist, but I have no
  first-hand experience of ghosts.  In fact, I never thought I would be
  writing about a ghostly experience at all, much less so soon after visiting
  your web page two weeks ago, but here I am!

  About 6:30 in the evening of October 7, I was sitting at the computer in my
  bedroom.  My two dogs, a Pug named Corky and a Pug mix (50% Pug) named Zelda
  were in the room with me.  Corky is a neutered male and Zelda is a spayed
  female.  Corky's age is uncertain because he is a rescue from a puppy mill,
  but he is believed to be just over two years old.  Zelda will have her first
  birthday October 23.

  Anyway, Corky was standing a couple of feet from my computer chair.  For no
  apparent reason, he looked up at the ceiling in the opposite corner of the
  room and began barking and making his throaty, gurgly, conversational growly
  noises, tail wagging.  I looked where he was looking and saw nothing; no
  reflections, no light flickering there, nothing.  Because my bedroom shares
  a wall with the condo unit next to mine, I sometimes hear my neighbor's
  sliding closet door bumping, but I heard no sound other than Corky's
  constant barking while this was happening.  Zelda happened to be standing
  beneath the part of the ceiling Corky was barking at, but she wasn't
  participating in the barking or even looking to see what he was barking
  about.  This is not her usual behavior; when Corky has something to bark
  about, Zelda finds out what it is and joins in.

  After several minutes of Corky's constant barking, talking, and wagging at
  "nothing", I remembered the stories and photos on your website and went to
  the living room to get my digital camera.  Corky was still carrying on when
  I returned with the camera.  I took one picture of the corner of the ceiling
  Corky had been staring at, then noticed his focal point had shifted slightly
  to the right, though his barking had not stopped.  I took another picture in
  the direction his gaze had shifted to.  Shortly after I took the second
  picture, Corky stopped barking.  I think he had been barking constantly for
  about five minutes.

  After using the display on my camera for a quick look at the photos, I
  turned the camera off and put it away.  I became busy with other things and
  didn't think about the incident again that evening.  In fact, it wasn't
  until today when I connected my camera to my computer to view some other
  photos that I took a look at the pictures I had taken that night.  I was
  startled by what I saw!

  The photo in the direction Corky was first looking shows nothing unusual.
  The second photo, however, contains two orbs!  I was not expecting that at
  all!  Until I visited your website earlier this month, I was unaware of the
  existence of orbs.  Within minutes of seeing that picture today, I took
  another photo aimed exactly at the same part of the room.  My sliding closet
  door is a full length mirror, and I wondered if the mirror had created the
  orbs.  The picture I took today, aimed at the same spot, contains no orbs.
  It would appear that I have a Pug who is sensitive to the paranormal!

  I am attaching the picture containing the two orbs.  The orbs are on the
  ceiling above the doorway (a bathroom door).  If you look below the wall
  lamp, you can see Zelda looking across the bed in the opposite direction,
  oblivious to what might be going on above her.  Corky's position was below
  the area at the lower left corner of the picture.

  I do not know who my visitors might have been.  I have owned my place a
  little over two years, and Corky has lived here with me for 16 months.  The
  previous owner of my condo unit was an elderly woman who had died, but I
  don't know if she died here in this room or building.  I also don't know
  whether she had a pet who might be accompanying her on visits to their
  former home.  My Zelda came from a litter of eight puppies who were born
  here in my home one year ago.  One of the puppies only lived two days and is
  buried outside in a flower bed beneath the window of this bedroom.  Maybe
  she paid us a visit.

  You are welcome to use my story and the photo, but please publish only my
  initials, not my name or e-mail address. --BL

Two orbs (Pug below)----->
Sign InView Entries
Spiritual Bond   10/24/02

Just had a chance to visit your site (WONDERFUL!!) and wanted to comment
that I *know* just what everyone is talking about.  My beloved Sweetness
(God rest her soul) was very into unseen visitors.  She had the same
reactions as many have stated -- she would either sit quietly, intently
watching and turning her head, or all of a sudden bolt off the bed or couch
and start barking at the air.  I always felt that those she watched were
friendly spirits, and those she went after might have been otherwise.

Now that she's gone, Bubba has taken to looking intently at the places
where Sweetness loved to nap, or sit, or eat.  I've observed many times, in
the past three weeks since she went to Rainbow Bridge, Bubba standing a
couple of feet back from the food/water bowls as if waiting his turn.
the past three weeks since she went to Rainbow Bridge, Bubba standing a
couple of feet back from the food/water bowls as if waiting his turn.
Something that was normal when Sweetness was feeding.  When he jumps on the
bed each night, he goes to the last spot where she lay sleeping and buries
his nose in the quilt.  He then gently scratches, and lays down for the

Bubba is my daughter's Pug, but has been staying close to me since I lost
Sweetness' physical presence -- I know she's with me all the time in spirit.

Thanks for the extra work it takes to bring these stories to us.  I've
always been interested in the paranormal, and have had several 'meetings'
with spirits before I ever owned a Pug.  It's true!!



Nov. 2, 2002  (From Site Owner)

Sandy came over today to help put up the desk in my studio area.  We worked on it for 8 hours!  

I took a break to let the pugs out around 6 pm.  Dovie and Granny Chu were in the house.  Dovie came out onto the deck and was visibly shaking (leaving from the house).  Dovie is an unusual pug and it can be hard to determine what she is thinking about.  Her visual impairment and super sensitivity to sound also distort what may be going on.  Yet, despite all of that, Dovie was acting terrified.  She was trembling and clingy when I picked her up, a behavior I can only liken to a trip to the vet.  Sandy, who is also a member of the SPIRITS team, sensed "someone in the house"....though EMF and photographic (digital) images showed nothing unusual.   Sandy sensed a male presence, possibly passing through.

Interestingly, Sandy also sensed something at that strange bathroom window.   Strange pheonomena, like someone was watching us from that area.  This is the same window that appears to open when Mom swears it is closed.  Unusual.

Perhaps the activity of reworking my studio awoke something's interest?

Are They Following Me?
I was invited to a get together by my friend,
Jennifer, a fellow pug-owner.  I brought my
pug boy, Odyssey, with me for a play date
with Patrick, her pug.

During the event, she took both a group 
shot, then individual pictures.  Of those 
images, orbs appeared only near me,
and in the image of Ody and myself.

I find it very odd!  I wonder if they are 
following me?  I have experienced cold
breezes and unusual dreams as of late.

What amazes me is that Odyssey seems
quite content.  Patrick also played with
me, showing no signs of fear.

None of the other 12-15 images showed
any signs of orbs.  It's just the ones
with my image.

Strange!  Maybe I'm a ghost 

As one might imagine it has been a long week and a half since our Ms. Pug died. Opal, our other pug, has been adapting, but she does do a  lot of wandering and has become (if its possible) even more clingy. She is eating and seems to be physically fine, but emotionally drained I think just like Scott and I. She has been sleeping a lot....

I was writing to tell you all about our walk this morning. I think Opal saw Ms. Pug. In general Opal is a well behaved dog. We walk her on a  harness and when she starts to get distracted or is sniffing at something she isn't supposed to, I give her a gentle pull and say "come on" and she moves along. Well this morning, on our walk, she stopped and started sniffing the air. There was nothing physically in front of her, nothing on the grounds I could see. When I tugged at her, she refused to
move. So, I think she saw or smelled Ms. Pug. Well, I like to think she did :)

Dana (mom to Opal, and fiancé Scott, and Pug forever in my heart)
Olney, MD
Ody and Orb

Tuesday night (4/23/03) I was watching the "Tuesday Declassified" show on Sci Fi channel.  It had an odd story from California, did not use re-enactments but actual footage of the investigation, and was it an active one.  A very angry old ghost who HATED one of the ghost hunters, ultimately following him to his apartment, and who actively manifested through physical contact, blood, throwing objects, etc.  It was most freaky!!

The shows ended and the pugs went to sleep.  I remember thinking "This is why we don't do demonology." and working on more e-mails.  I was pretty high strung at that point, and felt a bit creeped out by the shows.   

I have been a bit agitated lately and have had problems sleeping.  These shows did not help!  I worked on e-mails and several other things I had to do.

Checking in about 11:00 p.m.:  Odyssey, my black pug boy, was sleeping on the bed.  Iliad and Jasper, my female and male fawn pugs, slept on the floor.  Suddenly, Odyssey, from a deep sleep, popped his head up and started barking in the direction of the kitchen window/ kitchen sink.    I took a series of 7 or 8 images, and nothing showed up on them. 

I thought it might have been a pug thing, so I let it go, deleted the images, and kept working.  About 5 - 10 minutes later, Odyssey, who had settled down and was sleeping again, popped his head up and started to bark again.  This time, Iliad also joined him with a few barks. (Jasper sleeps through the "living" visits, much less the dead.  He's a bit older pug, so I doubt he'd "sense" much unless it was very strong).  They weren't frantic, weren't running, and did not appear scared, but they are NOT barkers.  There had to be a reason WHY there were barking.  There were no noises that I could hear that might set them, I took another series of images.  Of the 7 shots I took, one showed up with a light orb image.  My question is:  is this dust, or is it "something"?

The pugs, in the past, have done something similar by barking at SOMETHING out here late at night.  I have never been able to identify it in the past.   These sudden barking sessions usually happens between 11 and 1 in the morning.  They have not done this for a while.

The orb appeared near a window that I have had several unusual encounters with.  At least twice in the past I have had dreams in which the dead are somehow associated with the window.  I also had the blinds on that window slam back not once but twice after awakening from one of those dreams.  The window behind it was closed, the fan, though on, could not POSSIBLY create a sudden gust of wind to do that, and the a/c was off (too loud).  It was as if someone slammed an arm against the blindsvery violent and very loud.

I recall that some believe that the kitchen window may be a weak portal of some sort.  I have placed an angel image in the window which has stopped many of the phenomena for a while.

Additional background:  Odyssey has noted at least one other orb when we stayed at a haunted inn in Key West.  He stared and stared and stared at the wall and I took a picture.  Later, after I got home, a light orb was in one of the images  of the wall he stared at.  It was the only time he had ever done that that I recall.  Odyssey is probably one of the smartest pugs I've ever owned (or been owned by).  He is very alert, very sharp little boy.  

I've had orbs show up in other people's pictures, too, when I am not in the house.  The one image I'm thinking of was when I went to a party with Odyssey (the party thrower also owned a pug and asked me to bring one of mine).   This orb ONLY appeared near me and Odyssey, though the party thrower took pictures of all present.

I have had orbs show up in images I've taken of some of my artworks when I set up to take pictures in this area.

Lastly, the house has some sort of very mild presence in it.  It's been investigated by the SPIRITS, and the only manifestation I have ever seen happened there:  the mist of the living room from about 2 years ago.  Some think that this house is on a lei line as at least one other house has activity, and there are rumors of a third house on this block with activity.

So, could it be that my agitation and the ghost special caused something to check in on me?  Someone just passing through?  Or, is it nothing at all?

Well, Sandy and Denise of the SPIRITS came over the evening of  5/01/03 before the ghost hunt to help me check out the house. 

I've had some unusual phenomena going on here.  Two weeks ago, Ody started barking at nothing around 11:30 at night.  I took pics and nothing was revealed.  A second time he and Iliad started barking.  One orb image showed up.  

Both Denise and Sandy reported having feelings about entities here even before coming to the investigation.  Denise sensed the spirit of an old woman, a man (relative of Mom's) and a dog.  Sandy kept thinking about the "loft" area that used to be in my room that is now an enclosed attic space.

Upon arriving at 5, Sandy sensed an old woman looking out at us from the dining room as we sat on the deck.  She was short(ish).  A male presence followed her as we moved around.

Denise came at 6.  We started at the back, my living quarters, and moved forward to the front of the house.  We had some phenomena! 

Denise sensed a "grandmotherly" figure as she came in.  It was like a grandmother but NOT my grandmother.  That narrowed it down to two folks in my mind.  Denise said she wasn't fat or thin, but was short.  She was a bit hunched over.  I immediately said "former homeowner" but now I wonder if it was Louise or someone related to my antiques in the house (from my great-grandmother).  Still, I've encountered the former homeowner before.  She is the one who didn't like my working late at night in the house.  She, evidentially, enjoys staying in the attic (where others have sensed her) and comes out to the loft area of my apartment.

Denise told me there was a dog here.  I asked if it was light or dark; she said dark.  I had a black puggess named Odie.  She was my first pug and we lived here probably five years with her.  She had to be put to sleep due to a number of problems that piled up at once.  I was heart broken.  She is buried out in the rose garden.

Denise said that the dog liked the "play gently"and that she was happy.  She was associated with a second ghost Denise got:  a little girl.  The little girl stays in my closet and hides.  Sandy thought she might be associated with the funeral home that is two blocks away.  The pugs make her happy, but the little girl is scared for unknown reasons.

The little girl likes to play with the pugs.  At one point, Denise sensed that she asked permission to play with them.  My answer was "If the pugs say it's OK, it doesn't hurt them, and it's not draining."

Denise hear the sound "illy" with the little girl.  It may be her name (Milly?  Tilly?) or it may refer to my pug, Iliad, who is sometimes called "Lee" or "Ily" for short.  Denise pointed to Iliad and said that the little girl liked that pug.  I took a picture of Iliad and got an orb over her.  (Note, pugs oblivious to this, of course).  

The male spirit was the strongest one here, though.  He may be the one that Ody barked at two weeks ago.  

(I did note that my paranormal diary records higher incidents of phenomena in May of last year.  These incidents started in April.  Connection?)

Denise thought his name was "Joseph"I'm wondering if it's the man who "rode" with my in my old car, Paranormal 1. His name was "Jason." However, when I asked, his reaction was to "smile" and that was it. He was the same one Sandy sensed earlier following her.

I asked if he was an artist and he said he didn't consider himself an artist.  (A rather nebulous answer.  It's an answer I'd expect from some artists).   Denise thought he was in his 30s.  He stayed in the corner of the room for most of the interview and enjoyed the attention.  

He considers himself to be protective.  He seems to have a sense of humor.

I asked if he was the voice I heard last week telling me "you to stay" or "today" (see Paranormal diary entry).  The answer was that he talks to me all the time.  (I'm not really receptive, and I've had a lot on my mind.  Heck, I barely "hear" the living!)  He asked that I talk to him, even if I do not know he's there.

In addition, the EMF meter, when placed on a desk, CONTINUOUSLY had spikes and movement. Denise sensed that it was he who altered the energy on the EMF....and Denise would sense him weakening, and he'd drop the energy. She asked him to increase the spike, and it would go up slightly, and then it would drop again to the standard level.  On a scale of 0-3, it hovered around 1.5, reaching the highest point of 2.0 and dropping to .6 or -.2.  It rose at least TWICE.  

When it was set down it registered a -.2.  Though the meter was not moved it continued to spike, drop, and spike again.  I've never really gotten any forms of EMF out here in my quarters, other than in close proximity to the a/c or the refrigerator.  This was abnormal activity not only for the apartment by for the meter.

Notes I made during the investigation: (Trifield meter set to 0 - 3)

6:20 pm:  drop from 2.0 to 1.75
6:22 pm:  EMF to 0
6:24:  Went up to 2, dropped to 1 - 1.5
6:24:  shifted from 1.2 to 1.6
6:26:  1. 5
6:31:  dropped to -.2

Denise got a very strong orb image at this point; the orb was above me and the TV about 8 feet above the floor.

I also asked if the entities were responsible for the "popping" sounds I have heard since moving in here.  Sandy described it as a snapquick and loud.  I have noticed these pops since living here, but that they have been more frequent since last year.  They persist even as I write this report.  It could be the sounds of the house.  Sandy indicated that they were making the noises to try and get my attention.

I asked what they thought of the potential move.  They said it was up to me, but that they liked me and Mom.  They'd be sorry to see us go, and they hated to have to go through retraining another homeowner.  But, the decision was mine.

I asked what happened to the little boy who, I was told, lived here in the 1970s.  He loved the house, but they moved away and he died suddenly and unrepentantly as a young boy.  Denise heard the world "leukemia" pop into mind.  

When we left this area to move into the next, "Joseph" yelled that we did not say goodbye.  We did, and moved into the house. He came in after we were in there for a while to see what was going on.

Both felt a lot of the activity was related to the potential lei line this house is on.  Sandy said that the longer they were there the more activity came through, like hoards of people walking through the room.

In the house, Denise sensed a big man, weighing 240 or 250, with a beer gut. He was balding on top, had a bushy beard.  He was in his 50's or 60's.  He was a relative of Mom's.  I was wondering if it was her brother.  When I asked the name, though, it was far off from Edward (I think she said "Thomas").  Denise did acknowledge that names did not come through well for her.

Also, while we were standing in the house...Sandy mentioned that she was hot. I said that we'd turn on the fan....but before I could move to turn it on, it CAME ON by itself.

Note about fan:  There is a light kit attached to the fan.  I had turned on the light from the wall switch.  This switch powers the fan, too.  The fan, however, was off.  We had been in there several minutes with the light on.  The fan was NOT on.  I had just mentioned turning it on when I saw that the blades were very slowly turning.  I had not moved.  No one reached for the fan.  In order to turn on the fan, one would have to pull on the cord hanging above the lights.  I had not done so.  The blades slowly came on and spun faster and faster.  

I turned off the power to the unit at the switch.  I turned it back on.  Both the fan AND the light came on simultaneously, which it would do if both the fan and the lights were on at the same time when the unit was shut off.

I remember thinking that this is something that Uncle Ed would have done, as it fits with his personality.  (He had a mischievous sense of humor from time to time).  I was immediately struck by this. 

I took pictures but got nothing near the fan. Denise took a picture and got two orb images above me near the fan, one on either side of the room.
Note: 5/02/03:  Compelled to do it, I went online and looked for my uncle's name and the state of Florida.  Research has found an obituary from Feb. 22, 2003, which I believe is that of her brother.  The details I know of him match up.  As Mom and her brother were estranged, we were never told of the death.  I will have to tell her tonight.

While we were never very close, I am stunned.  I wonder if Ed did want to make up with her before he died?  Or if he is trying to do so now?  I am also stunned because I had NO knowledge of this death.  Denise could not have known; I never talk about Ed (as it's not really come up in conversation).  Her description was accurate.  The fan trick made also compelled me to do the research to find out what happened to him.

After the fan incident, I got orbs over my pug Jasper, who followed us into the house.  The orb is bright and appears to have moved from the bed area to hover over Jasper.  He, again, is nebulous to it.   

End of report.

As a follow up, two of the SPIRITS of St. Petersurg came to check out the house.  We had a lot of response, as you'll see as you read on.
(left):  Iliad with or, possily the "little girl", and (aove) Jasper with or in the house.  


My name is Daniela and I am the proud and happy mommy of Gucci, a 4 month old fawn pug. I found your site about paranormal pugs very interesting and informative.
To be honest, I don't know if my naughty baby boy has any paranormal abilities, but he does tend to "go weird" out of the blue sometimes.  To be more specific, sometimes when he's sound asleep, he just wakes up, raises his head and very attentively looks at something.  His eyes it around the room. That happens pretty often. 

Also, he hates the bathroom. He doesn't want to go in there, even if I go with him. He always stops at the door and becomes nervous and agitated. Sometimes he starts to cry if I go in there, even if I leave the door open for him to see me and realize that I didn't leave him and that I'm okay. 

The other day I went to the bathroom to wash a pair of shoes and he became even more nervous than he ever was under such circumstances. He stood outside and started growling and running around in circles.  He was barking, yelping and making funny noises -- something a typical for him. I tried to talk to him and calm him down but he wouldn't stop until I came out. 

I don't know if all this is because he felt a presence or just because he's a pug and he's very temperamental, but  what I know for sure is that I always feel safe around him, as I'm sure that even if unfriendly presences occur, he can protect me :)

Gucci, the protector, after a bath.
Two pugs, orbs, and a cockerspaniel

This image was taken on a slightly overcast night in the south western United States.  The person who sent the image recently bought a digital camera and wanted to test it.  Having experienced some unusual phenomena in her own home, she tested the camera in an area of activity:  her back yard.  Her pugs and cockerspaniel stood in the yard with her and appeared in this picture with a whole flurry of orb images.  The person who sent this in acknowledges that there was no wind, no bugs, and no abnormal phenomena going on around her at the time the images were made.  The pugs certainly don't look upset by what is going on:
Ancestral Orbs? 

When these photos were taken, I was just trying to get a good profile shot of Jessi--who, of course, didn't want to stay put. In the first picture when she is jumping off the couch, I noticed orbs. I found this to be interesting since in this room--the "computer room"--there are many photographs of loved ones who have passed away. This is also the room where I do genealogy, thereby thinking of lost loved ones, ancestors, etc., both with data and photographs, and figured if any room would be full of spirits, this one would. It is also the room that held the ashes of my mom until they were taken care of as per her wishes; and the ashes of our beloved pug, Doodee, are still in this room. So it would not surprise me at all if this room was "standing room only" for spirits. :) I would enjoy that, and I welcome them. 

Orb picture #1 

So I tried again. This time there were some tiny orbs and one larger one that either looks like a double one or one that is in motion. 

Orb picture #2 
I tried again. This time the double orb looked bigger and brighter. 

Orb picture #3 
Knowing the sense of humor that my loved ones had and believing that it might just be my parents, brother, or grandparents...I said out loud..."Okay, if you want your picture taken, go sit on the couch!" I just wanted to see what would happen...if anything...or if I would even capture any orbs in that photo. 

Orb #4 

Sure enough! There is an orb sitting on the couch!!!!! :)
Paranormal Pug!
Also posted at:

I know it's getting to that time of year where the kids are going to be trick or treating.... and I know we should all keep an eye out for the witches, ghouls and goblins that supposedly make an appearance at this time of year. But I never thought I would experience what I and Denny experienced this evening. 

We were sat in the living room of the house quietly watching Sky News and flicking through the images I had taken on my camera earlier in the day when Denny started acting all strange and barking at me. Not his normal barking, not the "fun" and "play with me" barking.... No this was different, his heckles were up and he was looking at something with a real fear in his eyes. I quickly snapped a picture of him in the hope I would distract his attention and get him to calm down.

As soon as the camera "blinged" he turned on his back feet and ran barking with heckles still up into the garden. He stopped at the top of the garden, looking in the air and continued to bark for another 30 seconds or so until whatever he was "chasing" had gone. He then came back in the house, plonked himself on the sofa and acted as if nothing had happened. A little confused, and a little mystified at what I had seen I simply sat with him and cuddled him for a while. 

Anyway, about a hour later I decided to download my photos of the day onto the PC. One image stood out, it was the one I took of Denny in his "rage". A chill went down my back. Have I captured a spirit? Was this what he was barking at? There is an "orb" type manifestation directly in Denny's line of sight. 

Concerned is what I am.


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