Yacht Club, Florida
The St. Petersburg Yacht Club was established in 1909 and refurbished in 1992.  The building is quite historic, retaining popularity with southern boaters. 

The Yacht Club is also said to be haunted.  According to word of mouth, the artist who painted the mural inside the building later committed suicide.  This creative soul is now rumoured to haunt the building. 

Oct. 29, 2009:  I attended a history of Florida lecture at the club.  It was the first time I have been in the building and so I opted to take pictures. The building was decorated for Hallowe'en, which certainly made it an appropriate theme.  While we were there a special annoucement was made: The St. Petersburg Yacht club turned 100 years old (to the minute) as we prepared for the lecture.  We were actually there on its 100th anniversary!

I did feel dizzy on and off during the lecture which, for me, may indicate a presence, a cold front, or fatigue (hard to say which some days).  I did not have any other equipment with me but the camera and only limited time to take photographs. 

Of the photographs produced one held an orb image.  While I do not consider orbs to be supernatural I will post it here as it is the only image with anything of interest. 
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May 21, 2013:  I did take my EMF meter to the building.  I was only able to utilize it in one room (upstairs dining room).  That place had some of the lowest EMF I have seen in a historical building in a long time.  There were literally no spikes and the EMF registered at a .2 (or under) on the 0 - 3 Trifield scale.  I was unable to ask questions about the haunting.  I did put out an online request.  This is the information that I got from one person:

There is a former member who died and can be seen walking through the building and on the front steps.  

I am not sure if this is the artist or a different member so I am trying to find out more information.