This site is dedicated to  Jen K's pugs, and the many others we foster for rescue.  Here you will find sad stories, funny stories, cute pics, and more!

See Jen, Mike and Dana's absolutely adorable superpugs, named for the women in Superman's life, at Lois and Lara's site:

Sign up and read about POLI ( Pugs of Long Island). POLI is a group for those dedicated to their pugs. This group was formed because though Long Island sports plenty of pugs it had no active pug groups. P.O.L.I. is a group where we are concerned about fun and meeting and enjoying the company of other people and their pugs.We have meetings monthly during the summer and bi-monthly during the winter This group is free and is open to anyone who has a pug:

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GRUMBLE:  A group of pugs.  I will admit that I am owned by one such grouping.  Pugs are unlike any other creature in existence, and pug owners are just as eccentric as their charges.  This is a pug page dedicated to my current gathering of these four-legged delights.  

Be aware that pugs are not dogs.  They are a combination of canine, feline, and humanoid.  My theory is that the godhead had a little clay left over from each of these groups at the time of creation.  In a bid to create a small piece of perfection, he mixed these clays and gave rise to that which is the glorious pug.  Pugs, by nature of their history, are rather enigmatic creatures.  No one knows quite why they are here...the only constants I have found in my research are that pugs serve as companions, foot warmers, and flea attractors (from the time when humans also carried those little pests).  Personally, I'm wondering if "Men In Black" was correct -- pugs are tiny aliens sent to infiltrate this world.  I do believe that they can bring about world peace.  Should everyone on earth own a pug, then there would be no time for war.  We would be home keeping them company and attending to them, as is expected.

Other odds and ends about pugs:  They are attracted to cameras.  They will pose for pictures.  They flirt for attention.  They eat a lot and are "cobbly" in form.  (I have read that a pug will leave home for a gumdrop). 

And now, here are my beloved little ones depicted in the wild and natural habitat that is pug.

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Have you ever wondered about pugs and ghosts?  Then this site is for you!  As a parnormal investigator I've taken a fancy to pugs and ghosts for quite some time.  For more paranormal pug hijinx, go to my Paranormal Pugs Page.  We're always looking for new submissions!

For hard-core ghost lovers, please visit the SPIRITS page, dealing with paranormal investigations with my ghost hunting team, and my own personal ghost investigation page at:  Ghostly Images page.

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Grace and my now deceased beloved rattie boy, Mr. Roboto, used to regularly play. (Note: I do not allow them to interact unsupervised. Grace is still bigger, and Roboto was quite smart).  In their interactions, Roboto usually wins.  
That famous pug snore from Achilles.  Apparently, this episode of "Matlock" wasn't enough to keep him awake.
Sisters, Pandora (Queen Bee) and Grace (Monarch).
The activity of the feral pug. (Pandora, Patroclus, Achilles).
Some of my older pug art....(yes, I made it).
Penelope the Puggle -- half pug, half beagle.  Rescued by a family from what I think is a pet store, given to me for her forever home.  The beagle part is weird (snout, long neck) but the pug is apparent since she is so sweet!
In 2012, I took a drawing class through my college. I was very frustrated because I am a 3-D artist and drawing was a good challenge for me. It was also the semester that my father passed away, so there was a lot of additional stress. The final project was a still life. I, of course, used pug figures for mine. I LOVE shading (I don't like line drawing). This was one of the very few pieces that I liked and I think it got a "B" (devastating to me; I started doing sculpture in 1995, started showing in 1997, am a multi-award winning artist and I worked VERY hard on this as it allowed me a bit of escapism from the realities of life. As an educator, I also frown on things under an "A" so it was a double assault). I was so....unhappy....with the drawing class that I actually gave away my supplies and haven't drawn since. I got rid of most of the things drawn. My mother, God bless her, kept 2 and she also pulled out this piece. We put them into cheap poster frames and it went no further. OK, so here's where it gets better....I'm a member of Pinellas Park Art Society. They did a still life show and were worried that they'd not get enough pieces. I really debated on putting this in, but figured it could be filler. I didn't even name it -- I think when we got there, Mom suggested that I call it "Pug City". They had about 50 works. The night of the awards was also the night of the holiday party; I went for the holiday but expected nothing. I was FLOORED when this piece, which I did get a better frame for to submit it to the show, ended up with a Merit Award. That's akin to 5th place with no award money, but you could have knocked me over with a feather. It is a blind judging with a professional artist from the community (not a member) selected. They liked the large abstract shapes in graphite. So....I now like this work. For the first time, it has a positive memory. The figures were a plus pug doll and two book ends, and a ball.