Stark Images:  My own form of art in which I utlized modern materials and found objects to resurrect mythological beings into a modern world, encapsulated into unique and dynamic forms. Featured pages include outdoor art that is lifesized and larger, merfolk, dragons, faeries and angels, felines, windchimes, jinnis, and more.  Current shows and events are updated below.

Artist's Resume: Discusses the history and achievements of my artistic side.

Ghostly Images: A personal ghost site discussing research, theories, and local paranormal events.  This page also features several polls and a long list of urls to other top notch ghost sites.   Personal pages include my University of South Florida class studies from "Fantastic Archaeology."  Also featured are my personal experiences in a potentially haunted home.  

Pug Images: I am fortunante to be a third generation pug owner.  I love these delightful little creatures, who I describe as part human, part dog, and part cat.  In addition to featuring my own flat-faced "children," this site hosts "guest pugs," pug poetry, pug art, and a links page. 

PARANORMAL PUGS PAGE:  This site combines my love for pugs and my love for ghosts.  Featuring pug-oriented ghost stories, a personal essay on psi ability in pugs/dogs, pictures, and a paranormal pugs poll, I can guarantee you it is one of the most unique sites on the World Wide Web! Updated 4/03 with NEW stories!  NEW:  Paranormal Pugs Page Part 2!

Stark Images:
Pith On Line
Scotland:  2005 trip.
Pompeii 2006
Dance Macabre
Courtly Love
Bahamas:  2007
St. Louis ship/Holocaust